30 Awesome Gifts For 30 Year Olds

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It’s that time of year again. The trees are getting trimmed, the holiday to-do lists are piling up, and everyone is asking the same question……“What do you want for Christmas?” Now usually, I just buy whatever I need, but with Aunt Betty and Grandma Sue constantly asking what I WANT, I figured it was time to help everyone out and put together a little list of my wants and my must-haves, QUE.. 30 awesome gifts for 30 year olds

So, if you’re shopping for gifts for women in their 30’s (or you’re a thirtysomething trying to put together her own list), take a look at my holiday gift guide. It’s filled with items and experiences thirtysomething women will absolutely love!

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Best Gifts For 30 Year Old Women

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  1. 23 and Me Health Kit

By now, you’ve probably heard at least a little something about the 23 and Me Ancestry Kits. With just a simple saliva sample, 23 and Me will send you a report filled with tons of cool information about the ancestry of your family, and even some info about your genetic traits. But did you know that the company also offers a kit centered around personal well-being?

For the health-conscious woman in your life, you can gift a 23 and Me Health and Ancestry kit. Not only will you still receive interesting information on your family history, but you’ll also learn about whether you’re predisposed to certain conditions, how caffeine and lactose may affect you, and even whether you’re a carrier of some variants of genetic abnormalities (a consideration for those looking to start a family). For someone looking to get a deeper understanding of their own current and future health, this test is a must-have.

  1. Skincare

One of the problems of being a woman in your thirties is dealing with the increase in skin care requirements. Gone are the days of splashing a little water and cleanser on your face and heading out the door; now there’s a whole world of creams, cleansers, gels, and anti-aging products geared solely to you. Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming at first (not to mention pricey). For the thirtysomething woman, a gift of fancy skincare products, or even a skincare starter set, can make a great gift for under the Christmas tree. My personal favorite is this.

  1. House Cleaning Service

house cleaning service gifts for 30 year olds 

Whoever said the phrase “Time is money” could not have been more correct, and gifts that save the woman in your life precious time are priceless. A gift certificate for a paid house cleaning service may not seem like much, but having a sparkling clean house to come home to after the stress of the holidays can really make a difference in someone’s state of mind. In addition, house cleaning services have the professional equipment and know-how to get to all those things that you just never seem to have time for (I’m looking at you, window blinds). With one quick call, you can be this holiday’s hero in your lady’s life.

  1. Label Maker

Like most women, there are few things I LOVE more than a truly organized living and work space. So, while a label maker might seem like something small, it can really impact your life in a big way. When you’ve got the means to label everything, it means no more digging around in boxes to find Christmas decorations or winter clothes, no more wondering if that’s basmati or jasmine rice in the cupboard, and no more mixing up various binders and folders in the office. A label maker saves both time and energy in the long run. I love this one in particular.

  1. Workout Class Subscription

With New Years right around the corner, many women are starting to brainstorm some great fitness related resolutions. A subscription to a workout class is a fun way to support her in her efforts, and can give her the freedom to check out a variety of classes and fitness experiences and find out what she enjoys most. This past year I tried out Fit4Mom’s Body Back program, and LOVED the program and saw BIG results. Just don’t be surprised if you start to see her Zumba-ing or kickboxing down the hall. 

  1. Wine Of The Month Club

wine of the month

Subscription boxes are a great way to extend the season of giving. For the wine lover in your life, consider a wine of the month club, where she receives a new bottle of her favorite type of wine each month. Not only does she get the chance to try new varieties, but it’s the perfect excuse to relax and host a girl’s night in (something she’ll thank you for every time a new bottle shows up).

  1. Snack Box Of The Month Club

Wine isn’t everybody’s thing, and that’s ok. If the idea of a subscription box appeals to you (and most importantly, to her), there are a variety of snack boxes available on the market. Each month, she’ll receive a sample of sweet and salty bites, perfect to throw in her desk at work or take on the go. Here’s one that I personally love. It is a GREAT option for those that have food allergies or are gluten free.

  1. Reusable Coffee Mugs

In this day and age, with the importance of being environmental conscious, there’s really no excuse to NOT have a reusable coffee mug to fill with tea or your favorite holiday-themed drink. All mugs are not created equal however, and some are just more ergonomically designed, or do a better job at keeping hot liquids hot, and cold liquids icy cold. If you’re looking for a mug to gift, this one does a great job and looks awesome to boot. If you want to spend a little more I love this one.

  1. Board Games

board game gift ideas

Family and friend get togethers during the holidays are a perfect time to pull out some board games and show everyone your smarts. For game nights with friends (or family you’re VERY comfortable with), Cards Against Humanity can be a hilarious choice. If you’re looking for more of a family-friendly option, Telestrations is similar to Pictionary, and probably twice as much fun. Or if drawing isn’t your style, Scattergories is a classic game where you create a list of words in a given categories. The only catch? All the words have to begin with the letter on a rolled dice. Another family favorite game is Wits and Wagers.

  1. Nice Luggage

If you have someone in your life who loves to travel, a set of nice luggage can really improve the airport experience. Not only is it nice to have a matching set, but quality luggage will do a much better job of protecting your possessions. And best of all, it’ll be so much easier for her to find her suitcases among the black rollaway bags on the conveyor belt. Sound like something she’d be interested in? I use this set when I travel.

  1. Weekender Bag

If you like the idea of a nice set of luggage, but the woman in your life isn’t jetting around the world, you might consider a nice weekender bag. A bag like this is a perfect compromise for when you’ve got too much luggage for a tote, but you don’t want to haul around a whole suitcase. If you want to splurge a little I love this weekender bag (and so did Oprah)

  1. Roomba

robotic vacuum

I mentioned in when I talked about house cleaning services, but not having to clean up is a seriously GREAT gift (especially when you’ve got kids, pets and spouses running around). A Roomba can take care of the daily dirty work for you, and help keep the house clean with little effort. To put it simply, less vacuuming means more time to relax, which is a great gift for any season.

  1. Nice Watch

It’s great to have a Fitbit or Apple Watch to track your daily activity, keep you organized and even let you respond to texts, but sometimes you just want something a little nicer for a night out. If you’re looking for a gift for a thirtysomething woman, a nice watch can really help take her wardrobe to the next level (and isn’t something she’d likely buy for herself). This one is one of my favorites to wear on a date night or even if I’m meeting up with friends for lunch.

  1. Nespresso Coffee Maker

Nespresso machines are all the rage when you travel internationally, and for a good reason. These small-but-mighty machines can produce coffee shop quality drinks, right in the comfort of your home. Nespresso appliances are basically the espresso version of Keurigs, and they deliver an instant pick me up morning, noon, or night (because sometimes you just TOTALLY forget about that school bake sale).

  1. Echo Plus

white amazon echo

Alexa is more than just a fancy kitchen timer, she can instantly create shopping lists, order items from Amazon, search the internet, act as a Bluetooth speaker, and even tell a decent joke. Think of her as an electronic assistant, offering convenience and an internet connection whenever she’s needed. The Echo Study with Alexa makes for a great gift for a woman who’s always on the go and would love a versatile organizational device.

  1. Facial Face Roller

Along with skincare products, a face roller can make a great holiday gift. If you haven’t seen one, these rollers come in jade, quartz or other materials, and are gently rolled back and forth across the user’s face. They support lymphatic fluid drainage, which can help reduce swelling (which can then improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles). The rollers can even help reduce redness in the skin, or can be used to work skin care creams deeper into the epidermal layer. If you have someone who loves beauty products, this facial face roller is the hot item of this season.

  1. Tripod For Camera

Have someone who loves to take photos? Know a lady who’s always looking for the next selfie to post to Instagram or wanting to take pictures with her kids but doesn’t have anyone around? A tripod can take someone’s pics to the next level, freeing their hands and letting them manage a shoot without the worry of how or where to place their camera. This tripod is one that I personally love, and it makes it super easy to both set up and take down your equipment. For whatever reason this is also my kid’s favorite toy.

  1. Nice Purse

handbags for 30 year old woman

Similar to gifting a nice watch, there’s a good chance that your fashionista has been eyeing a bag or two that she just can’t bring herself to purchase (it’s surprising how hard it is to buy something for ourselves sometimes!). If her purse or tote has started to look ragged, worn out, or just plain old, it might be time to upgrade and get her something that she’ll be proud to show off. Check out one of my favorites here.

  1. Computer Bag

Today’s 30 somethings are on the go go go, and they’re typically balancing a number of responsibilities (between work, family, and personal life activities). If you’re searching for a gift for someone who’s constantly coming or going from work, a nice laptop bag can help them stay organized, while still looking classy. As someone who is constantly working on my blog in between errands and playdates, this is the bag that I love. It is super affordable and also looks chic.

  1. Home Delivery Service For Food

Sometimes the very best gift you can give someone is NOT having to plan dinner that night. With a home delivery service like Hello Fresh or Home Chef, all the ingredients and instructions show up on your doorstep. No more standing in the store trying to come up with a dinner you haven’t already cooked a hundred times, this gift is perfect for someone with a busy life who doesn’t have the time or energy to meal plan.

  1. Air Fryer

A quick perusal of Pinterest these days shows that air fryers have become increasingly popular this year. I think of an air fryer as a healthy option for those of us that enjoy the unhealthier parts of life; you can get crunchy, tasty food without frying it in a vat of unhealthy oils. If you want a gift for someone who loves to cook, consider this air fryer as a great addition to their kitchen. Try my “famous” air-fryer cashew crusted chicken strips.

  1. Instant Pot

This gift guide focuses a lot on saving people time and energy, and I can’t think of anything that does that more than an Instant Pot. With this appliance, you can cook tons of meals that NORMALLY take hours, but now cook in just minutes.  You can even make baby food in the instant pot! And best of all, it does it with just a few touches of a button. For someone that enjoys the taste of hearty, home-cooked meals but doesn’t want to be in the kitchen all day, I highly recommend the Instant Pot.

  1. Green Pots & Pans

One of the problems of being a thirtysomething, is that you’re likely still dragging around some of the same old pots and pans that haunted your college apartment. They’re not great, but they work well enough. Enter ceramic greenpans: These affordable and quality pots and pans have a ceramic coating that means better heat transfer (so your food cooks more evenly with less power), while being completely non-stick (making clean up a breeze). Even better, they’re safe for super high temperatures, and their production process is environmentally friendly.

  1. Clothes Steamer

clothing steamer

At some point, a plain old iron just isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially if your gift recipient has started to accumulate professional business attire. A clothes steamer like this one will have your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-fee, without the trip to the dry cleaners (and the cost).

  1. Quality Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners may all seem the same at first glance, but as any woman knows, a quality hair straightener is truly worth its weight in gold. Nice hair straighteners have ceramic plating, which helps to reduce frizz (and causes less damage to hair, especially long-term). A straightener like this one can be the perfect gift for someone who uses it as part of their daily routine.

  1. Reusable Glass Tupperware

Plastic tupperware is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In its place is reusable glass tupperware; better for the environment, easy to clean, and seriously long lasting. Glass tupperware like this can be great for taking lunches to work or storing dinner leftovers for the next day (and it does a better job containing smells than it’s plastic cousin). My favorite is the Pyrex brand like this.

  1. An Indoor Plant

indoor plants as a gift

It’s science at this point: Indoor plants make people happy! A plant can brighten an otherwise dull space, improving air quality and adding a little color to an otherwise drab interior. Better yet, with a simple grow light, even herbs and vegetables can be grown indoors. For someone who has a green thumb (or wants to see if they have one), an herb kit or plant such as this one can make for a great gift.

  1. Apple Watch

With the ever-increasing size of personal cell phones, it’s actually become more inconvenient to cart one around (even if you take my suggestion for the gift of a nice purse). The newest Apple Watches helps get around that by letting you leave your phone at home. It also tracks the wearers daily activities (meaning you don’t need a separate Fitbit to see how many exercise minutes you’ve accomplished or track your steps), and you can still answer texts and calls, all from the watch. Colored bands even allow you to customize the look of the watch for your intended giftee.

  1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For someone who loves music in their life, a Bluetooth speaker can turn any room (or outdoor space) into a dance party. Play a playlist while cooking, have some background music during a game night, even listen to a podcast while hanging by the pool (the options are endless). I love the portable BOOM speaker, which offers 360 degrees sound, is waterproof, and can even connect to other BOOM speakers for improved sound.

  1. Sheet Set

You spend an average of 6-8 hours a night in your sheet set, so why wouldn’t you invest in quality? If you’ve been searching for a gift for a woman in her 30’s, think about giving the gift of hotel quality sheets. I’ve done a LOT of research and some of the best sheets out there are these organic Boll and Branch sheets which are guaranteed to be an improvement on what she’s sleeping on now; not only do they feel soft, they are breathable and will help her stay cool during the night. Best yet, each side is labeled, so she’ll even save time making the bed (assuming she can convince herself to leave these comfy sheets). Want an affordable option, and the BEST rated sheets on Amazon? Try these sheets.

What Is The Best Gifts For 30 Year old?

With options for women who love to cook, love fashion, want the latest in beauty trends, or just are too darn busy, this gift guide has all of my favorite products and time savers to help keep you on track, even well into the New Year. If you need more ideas you can check out the following articles with gifts for moms who love to cook and white elephant gifts

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  1. These are all such good suggestions! I appreciate the balance of really practical and also things that feel luxurious. It is sometimes hard to think about what we want and these are good ideas for a wish list!

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