money activity for kids

Money Activities For Kids

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Do you have some loose change lying around the house? What about a muffin tin stored somewhere? If you do, you also have yourself a fun little learning game for you and your kiddo. This post has some simple and easy money activities for kids to get acclimated to money.

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Money Activities For Toddlers

Is your child fascinated with coins? Do they love sorting like objects together? This money activity is a great way to get your child introduced to coins and start exploring some basics of money.

There is actually a wide variety when it comes to money: shapes, sizes, colors, and denominations. This makes there are a lot of different ways to get them to “play” with coins.

learning activities for kids to learn about coins

An easy way to get acclimated to coins, is to simply work on putting them in a piggy bank. We have his coin counter, and it was not only fun to watch the coins go into the slot, but also watch the number on the top change.

Keep in mind your child will mostly likely be suited for this activity once they are not putting objects into their mouth regularly. If you don’t think your child is quite ready for coins, you can always try this fun play piggy bank that has large plastic pieces in it. You still get to work on fine motor skills, with out having to worry about them putting anything in their mouth.

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Fun Money Activities For Kids

A Penny saved is a penny learned, is that the saying? I don’t know BUT these money activities are a really good way for your child to learn, understand, and use their problem solving skills.
What You Will need to Play: 
  • Muffin Tin
  • Several Quarters
  • A handful of Dimes
  • A Pile of Nickels
  • Several Pennies

money activities for kids

Thought Starters
Based on your child’s skilled level the following are some basic prompts to use the coins as thought starters.
  1. Ask them what shape the coins are?
  2. Which coins are the biggest and which one are the smallest?
  3. Identify each coin “This is a quarter, this is a nickel and this is a dime” and then ask them to hand you one of each.
  4. Sort all of the coins into a large pile based on type: nickels in one, quarters in another, pennies in another.
  5. Ask your child to further sort the coins into a muffin tin based on size, Biggest ones, then the smallest one, etc.
  6. You can ask your child to place all of the ones that are the same color in the muffin tin.

Talking About The Value of Coins

This short activity is intended just to get your child acclimated to coins, and using them as a way of sorting, incorporating fine motor, and problem solving. If your child is ready for the next level you can easily start explaining the numbers or names associated with each coins. Then you can take it a steup further and start understanding the value of coins as they get older. This post has 17 money games for children.


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