Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

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Looking for some fun and meaningful stocking stuffer ideas for the kids in your life? Look no further! We’ve have 50 stocking stuffer ideas for kids from Amazon that will have them jumping out of their beds on Christmas morning. From traditional toys to unique gifts, we’ve rounded up creative ideas that will delight any kid. Whether you’re shopping for an adventurous toddler or an imaginative school aged child, these stocking stuffers are sure to bring a smile to their face and make your job as gift giver just a little bit easier this holiday season!

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The Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Coloring Books– Help keep young minds engaged with a fun coloring book, which is easy to wrap up in a stocking.

Stickers – A variety of water proof stickers to decorate notebooks, iPads or their favorite water bottle.

Kinetic Sand – Adaptive sand that kids can squish and mold without making a mess. These mini ones would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Night Light – A cute and comforting soft glow night light is a great stocking stuffer for little ones. If they are too old to care about night lights a disco night light would be so fun!

Water Bottle – Environmentally friendly water bottles to quench their thirst on the go. I love this one where they can decorate their own.

Play-Doh – Create your own mini Play-Doh masterpiece!

Bubbles – A classic and timeless activity for kids to blow and chase bubbles! This princess bubble wand is so cute! We also love the Santa bubble wand.

Magnetic Letters – Keep your little one learning with magnetic letters for the fridge or an easel. The letters can stick to the tin!

Chapstick – Kids of all ages will love this chapstick set, made with non-toxic ingredients.

Temporary Tattoos – Fun temporary tattoos make your little one’s day! These glow in the dark tattoos are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Wiki Stix – Bendy, wax-covered colorful sticks that encourage creative play.

MarblesMarbles are a classic and captivating games for kids of all ages and they fit perfectly in a stocking.

Mini Board Games Portable mini board games to play anywhere and everywhere.

Yo-Yo – A fun skill toy that teaches hand-eye coordination and patience! We love this light up yo-yo.

Slime – A safe sensory toy for kids to squish and squeeze! This slime kit would make a great stocking stuffer.

Modeling Clay – Flexible and fun modeling clay encourages kids to creates all sorts of things.

Colorful Socks – Socks can be fun too! I love these socks for girls and these socks for boys!

Brain Teaser Puzzle Game – Challenge your little ones with mind-bending puzzle game.

Puppets – Engage your child’s imagination with this puppet kit! They can create their own puppets and put on a fun show.

Solar System Model – Create the entire Solar System in miniature form with this solar system kit.

Whistles – Foster your child’s musical abilities with a fun wooden whistle.

Pencil Sharpener- These cute small electric pencil sharpeners make a fabulous stocking stuffer. If you don’t want electric this pack of pencil sharpeners is great too!

Jump Rope – Encourage healthy, active play with a jump rope.

ScissorsThese adorably shaped scissors would make a fun gift!

Card gamesTaco, Cat, Goat, Cheese pizza a family favorite game around here!

Decorated Pencils – Encourage creativity with cool pencils and adorable eraser tops.

Paints and Brushes – Create masterpieces with colorful paints and brushes.

Fidget Cube – The ultimate stress-relief toy this fidget cube is a best seller on Amazon.

Brush or Comb – These fun brushes are perfect for kids!

Costume Accessories – Dress-up play has no limit with a variety of costume accessories! This pack is perfect for all ages.

Flashlight A flashlight is the perfect practical tool that doubles as a fun toy for younger kids.

Magic 8 Ball – Your child will love asking the magic 8 ball questions over and over and it will give it fun responses!

Foldable HeadphonesThese foldable headphones are perfect for a stocking.

Nested Wooden Toys – Classics! Children love these nested wooden snowmen! Fun for all ages.

Uno Attack – Uno is so much fun, and your child will love this Uno attack game. Fits perfectly in their stocking.

Slinky – Every child needs a slinky to watch bobble down the stairs! These slinkies are a great stocking stuffer for kids.

Bath Bombs – Jazz up their tub experience with these fun bath bombs.

Bath toys – Encourage clean fun by giving kids bath toys. Ducks, sponges, and submarines galore. We love this set for older kids.

Invisible Ink Pen – Secret message? No problem. This pen makes creating secret messages so much fun!

Liquid Motion Bubble Timer Pen – Your kids will be so excited with these fun bubble timer pens.

Brain QuestsBrain quests are so much fun! These would make an amazing stocking stuffer.

Handheld Water Game – No electronics needed! These handheld water games are a fun switch up to digital play and are SOOO much fun! Even adults love them.

Rubik’s Cube – This Rubik’s cube is a fun challenge to take apart and put together again.

Bookmarks – Who doesn’t love a cool bookmark? What better than making your own? These bookmarks are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Grow Your Own Crystal Kit – Science experiments are exciting! And these crystal kits are so much fun.

Sunglasses – Perfect for sunny days or as a fashionable accessory, sunglasses are a great stocking stuffer.

Shrink Plastic kit – Design and create pieces that will shrink into a smaller size with heat with this shrink plastic kit.

Kaleidoscope – Kids love kaleidoscopes them and they’re good for the imagination.

DIY Ceramics Kit – This gift will keep you busy all winter long! Have your child paint their own ceramic pieces with this great kit.

Miniature Toys – Miniature toys like stuffed animals or action figures are perfect additions to any stocking.

Time To Stuff Those Kids Stockings

That’s a wrap on our list of Amazon stocking stuffers for kids. These gift items offer fun, creativity, learning, and imagination – all while being kind to your wallet. We hope this list sparks your imagination to create the perfect combination of stocking gifts for your little ones. Happy holidays!

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