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Can you believe another month has flown by? As we continue to navigate through our busy lives of motherhood, it’s refreshing to take a moment and reflect on the things that bring us joy. That’s why I am excited to share with you my monthly report of all the things I have been loving recently. From books that keep me up past bedtime, delicious new recipes my kids actually eat, games that entertain the whole family, guilty pleasures I can’t get enough of, recommendations worth passing along, and treats for myself because let’s face it, as moms we deserve it.

What is the monthly Report?

R- What I am Reading

E- What I am Eating

P- What I am Playing

O- What I am Obsessing Over

R- What I am Recommending

T- What I am Treating myself to

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January 2024 Monthly Report


This month I read five books. I also started a second Instagram account sharing all things books with more in-depth reviews, and bookish content.

  1. The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks- So many people recommended this book and It just was not for me. It started off so strong and I was flying through the pages and then when the first twist was revealed, It was such a let the down that I just never recovered from there. Gave it 3/5 Stars and rounded up from 2.8.
  2. Yours Truly– I LOVED this book so much! Although it is not a sequel to Part of Your World, it follows some of the same characters. I absolutely love Abby Jimenz’s writing style, and I love how I am both laughing along with the characters and also crying paragraphs later. Her books are always immediate reads for me. There were just some super minor things that didn’t make it 5 stars in my book, but I gave it 4.3/5 stars.
  3. First Lie Wins– This was my book of the month pick, and it was REALLY good. The only thing is, as I’m writing this review, I have already forgotten a lot about the book so there wasn’t anything INSANELY memorable. A good read and lots of twists, would def recommend. I gave it 4.2/5 stars.
  4. Good Girls Guide To Murder- This sat on my TBR shelf FOREVER. I have no idea why it took me so long to read, but OMG I loved everything about it! Highly recommend this one and can’t wait to pick up the next book in the series. 4/5 Stars
  5. The Only One Left– LOVED this book! I had been on hold with the one at the library for awhile, so I was so excited when it was finally my turn! Lots of twists, and turns and I was so excited to see what happened next. 4.1/5 stars


Basically when January hits you will only find soup coursing through my veins.This month has been extra cold, dark, and foggy so soup has been the only cure! I have been eating so much soup and loving every minute of it.

  • French Onion Soup– I had been craving French onion soup for so long but wasn’t sure what to do about the dairy.. I melted some Miyokos “cheese” on parchment paper for about 6 minutes unitil it formed a nice crust and then baked some Udis dinner rolls. I put the roll and the cheese on top of this soup, and It will be so HARD to top that meal all year long. 100/10 recommend making it!
  • Dairy Free Zuppa Tuscano Soup– I often sub ground turkey instead of the ground pork and don’t even cook the bacon, and its still super delish and lighter on calories! My kids even love this soup served with a giant piece of crusty bread (and they top theirs with Parmesan).
  • Chicken Pot Pie Soup- I bought Alex Snodgrass’ Dinner Tonight Cookbook and have been OBSESSED with the chicken pot pie soup. I have made it at least five times.


I know it’s hard for people to believe that I listen to anything other than Taylor Swift, but surprise I do! This month I am playing Noah Kahan on repeat. A few of my favorites are “Northern Attitude” and “All My Love.”

Obsessing Over

The Absolutely Gluten Free flatbed crackers are AHHH-mazing! I have been eating them on their own, with dips, and topped with chicken salad. They are also dairy free (but they do contain eggs.)


Never in my entire life have I ever gotten more compliments on an item of clothing I own, than I have of my winter boots! They are super cute, comfy and most importantly keep my feet warm. Also LOVE the bomba quarter socks to pair them with.

Treating Myself To

This month I treated myself to some new goodies to add to my skincare routine. I added Medik 8 Liquid peptides to help with firming and smoothing. I also added Sunday Riley Luna Retinol sleeping face oil. This is a great retinol for beginners or if you haven’t used retinol in awhile. I have already seen results with both of these products and would highly recommend them if you have these specific needs or skin care concerns.

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