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There is no such thing as normal life, there is just life! I am a mom who just happens to live in Normal, Illinois and I am doing my best to survive in this crazy world of parenting.  

I was recently asked to discuss a more in depth look at my “normal” mom life, and thought it would be a fun way for people to get to know more about me. 

Why & How I Was Tagged

YouTuber Emily Norris recently created a new 2019 “Mum Tag” with some great questions about pregnancy, mom hacks, labor, mom shaming and more. My Life as Mom continued by answering these questions on her blog and tagged me to answer some of the same questions, I thought it would be a fun way to get to know more about me on a personal level.

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Favorite Mom Hack?

Grocery Delivery! This year adding another baby to the mix made going to the grocery store, nearly impossible. We are lucky that we have so many options when it comes to grocery delivery in Normal.

From the comfort of my pajamas, I can shop for everything I need (even things like diapers and wipes) and have then delivered to my front door, on my schedule! No loading the kiddos into the car, getting them in carts, and asking if we can “have those as snacks” one more time. I’ve also used Instacart grocery delivery service while on vacation which is a total game changer. I make a list ahead of time, and have the groceries delivered while we are unpacking. 

Most Embarrassing Mom Moment?

We almost missed our flight and I basically threw our baby on the ground. Ok, that sounds dramatic but it’s pretty much what happened.

We showed up to the airport on time, but for some reason our small airport’s security checkpoint was BACKED up. They kept paging us over the intercom that the gate was getting ready to close, and this was the final boarding call.

We hadn’t even gone through the metal detectors yet and our baby stroller wouldn’t’t fit through the X-ray machine. I was screaming at my husband to,”Just throw away the stroller!!! We don’t need it we will just buy a new one!” and I was running through the airport with no shoes on, a baby in one arm, and pulling along a three year old in my other arm, praying that if I just made it to the gate and they saw my desperate face, they would wait for us.

My husband was waiting for the stroller, as I frantically made my way to the gate. Both elbows were carrying a snack bag, a carry on bag, my shoes, the kids…I was a total hot mess.

I went to “sit” the baby on the ground so I could grab our tickets, but when I sat him down he fell completely backwards. I couldn’t grab him because my hands were bogged down with the bags. I was sweating and crying and the gate attendant was saying, “Ma’am don’t worry you will go on vacation, we can wait for you!” and she was picking my baby up from the floor. I also realized that everyone was staring at the commotion I was making sobbing on the ground, while the gate attendant held my baby. It was embarrassing, and I laughed about it the WHOLE way on our flight. I guess It was evident that I REALLY needed a vacation.

What Part of the Day Do You Love The Most?

It’s hard to find time for myself these days, so I wake up before everyone else does and do a little work from about 5:30-7:00 every morning. I am lucky that if the baby wakes up early (and he usually does), my husband tends to his needs so I can focus on my work. I love making a big pot of coffee-writing, creating, and doing whatever it is I need to get done for the day.

What Part of the Day Do You Like The Least?

The hour leading up to bed time (aka the witching hour) is my LEAST favorite time of the day. Our baby is usually done with the day after dinner and he fusses until it’s bed time.

My daughter is becoming more independent at 3 years old, so she wants to change up her nightly routine, stay up later, and sometimes just doesn’t want to cooperate, protesting bedtime.

The Worst Thing Someone Said To You When You Were Pregnant?

I hope you’re not going to do X,Y,Z. I hated when other people passive aggressively inserted their suggestive parenting advice to me. It made me question everything I was about to do before I even did it.

You’ll breastfeed for a year right? You won’t let them have a pacifier, right? You won’t co-sleep, right? The first time I was pregnant, I had no idea what to expect, and while I appreciated helpful “advice”, I did not appreciate backhanded judgy suggestive parenting advice.

Baby Name You Didn’t Agree on?

Alright ladies and gents, sit down for this one. My husband was DEAD SET on naming our son Tomahawk. Yep, you read that right. He wanted to call him Tommy for short, and begged me to name him that. It is definitely a unique baby name, however, I vetoed that HARD.

Do You Co-Sleep?

We don’t! I am such a heavy sleeper. Often times our monitor is going off with our children singing/crying/laughing at full volume and my husband is the first to hear it while I am still in a deep sleep. 

Something You Bought But Never Used?

A baby wipe warmer. Multiple people suggested this was a MUST for babies, but we never ever used it. I put the wipes in and they basically went “stale” and were completely dried out. I would not recommend this to anyone! Plus, when you go out into the real world, baby won’t have a wipe warmer. 

Three Hospital Bag Must-Haves?

Absolutely make sure to bring all of your toiletries to take a shower! The first shower after having a baby is one of the best showers you will ever take in your whole life.  I didn’t bring a hair dryer and had to let my hair air dry and I totally regret this. They came in to take professional pictures and my hair was a knotty mess, and thats all I can look at when I look at those pictures. Other favorites:

Are You A Routine Mom or a Go With The Flow Mom?

Totally a routine mom. Nap times, snack time, lunch time, if the activity includes TIME in it; it’s probably scheduled in our world. Honestly, the first few months of my daughter’s life we did not have a routine, I just did everything by the seat of my pants. I quickly learned that she started thriving, and our lives improved with a routine.  

What Does Bedtime Look Like?

Our baby goes to sleep around 7pm every evening. He gets a heavy lather of baby lotion, a fresh diaper, PJS, and a bottle and he is off to dreamland. We were very thankful to have the help from a sleep consultant in order to provide him the skills to sleep independently.

Our toddler…. Gets a heavy lather of eczema cream every night. If we skip just one night, her skin flairs up bad. The lotion lathering takes a solid 5 minutes! She then independently brushes her teeth (this is my favorite toddler toothbrush) while also singing show tunes, we read a book together, and she goes to the bathroom one more time.

This is where it gets fun.. she then likes to look out the window and says goodnight to the stars (sometimes she wants to delay and say goodnight to EVERY star). She gets into her bed, and asks to hold one of the pictures in her room, give it a kiss, and then has her dad and I sing a song to her on the way out. 

What Type of Labor Did You Have?

My daughter was three days past her due date and my doctor decided to induce me. I went in for my induction at 8am and she was born later that afternoon at 2:12pm. I remember it being painful but quicker than the Doctors had thought it would be. I ended up pushing for about 15-20 minutes, and there she was!

With my son.. I didn’t know I was in labor! I felt “off” all day long and when I went for my 38 week scheduled appointment, she did a quick check and noticed I was having contractions and I was already 6cm dilated. She sent me straight down to labor and delivery and my little guy came just 4ish hours later. The whole labor seemed so fast, and he was here after only a few pushes.

What Pain Relief Did You Choose?

With both children I had an epidural. With my son I was just about 1 minute away from not being able to get one. I am in awe of all of the women who have natural labors. 

Have You Ever Been Mom Shamed?

I have never directly been in a situation where a mom has shamed me to my face (that I can remember at least, mom life makes your brain.a little foggy). I have been in very uncomfortable situations where someone is pushing their own parenting style on me, that is different from my own, which can feel like mom shaming.

The Biggest Challenges You’ve Faced Since Becoming a Mom?

Finding time for ME and pursuing my own life outside of being a mother. If you read my first blog post, A New Normal, you will see that I struggled with finding myself after my daughter was born until I was able to launch my blog.

I love being a mom! BUT wiping butts, preparing snacks, blowing noses, getting dinner prepared, and all the other not so fun stuff that comes with mom life, can really drain you. I need an identity outside of being just “mom” and I am grateful every single day that I have blogging!

The Best Bit of Advice You’ve Ever Been Given As A Mom?

It goes so fast…..

Ok, but that’s a statement, not advice?!?! You are right, but so many people said that to me and one day it just really clicked. I used that “advice” during all those really challenging mom moments in my life. When my son wouldn’t stop crying, I would think, “this won’t be my life forever, this is just the moment right now, and one day I won’t even remember this.” It made me grateful, and made the moment temporary. When my daughter throws tantrums in the middle of the grocery store, I think about how 13 years from now, she probably will never want to step in a grocery store with me ever again.

All the hard moments, are temporary. When I think about the fact that it DOES go by so fast, it makes motherhood a little easier.

Biggest Piece of Advice You’d Give to a New Mom?

Don’t EVER compare yourself to another mom, and don’t EVER compare your baby to another baby. Moms do things differently, and so do babies. Difference in ideas, hitting milestones, and opinions are what make the world go around! Just because someone is doing something one way, does not mean that is what will work best for you or your family.

Tag You’re It!

I am looking to tag other mom bloggers out there who want to answer the same questions, so we can get to know more about them and keep the game going.

Mum Tag by Savannah over at Motherhood Ten Minutes At A Time

A look at motherhood, the good the bad and the messy. Honest questions about motherhood, labor, and pregnancy from Normal Life Mom. Real answers about motherhood including mom hacks, mom shaming and more. #momhacks #motherhood #momlife #momshaming #momanswers

Some real life answers from a Normal Life mom. Capturing candid honest questions about the first years of motherhood and what it is really like. Mom hood and mom advice #momlife #momadvice #motherhood #parenting #firsttimemom #momadvice

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  1. I still have yet to try grocery delivery, but I really want to! Oh and I can totally relate to being neurotic (not at the airport, but other places, lol)! I’ve had my moments where I’m in panic mode and kind of just like “ahhhh, f everything!!!” and then two seconds later, I’m like wow, that was unnecessary!!!

    1. Grocery delivery is a total game changer with kids! And thank you for letting me know I am not alone in being neurotic at times!

  2. These sorts of posts are so fun to read! We don’t do grocery delivery, but we do pick-up and it is a game changer. I took both kids into the store the other day and quickly realized why we stick to pick up. No one was even misbehaving – it just takes so long!

    Bedtime is a whole process around here – and the last 45 minutes to an hour before my husband gets home when I’m making dinner is our witching hour!

    I’ll have to sit down and write up some of these answers soon for myself!

    1. Sometimes I get to the parking lot and have to really decide how much I want to go in! Grocery delivery or pick up is just so much easier with kids!

  3. OMG I am laughing at the running through the airport because I have done that too! I was like DO NOT LEAVE ME BEHIND IN THIS AIRPORT WHERE I HAVE TO WAIT THREE MORE HOURS FOR ANOTHER FLIGHT!!!

  4. I love that you discovered Grocery Delivery too! I don’t even remember how I functioned as a mom dragging my kids through stores trying to shop before I discovered this blissful idea. I love this post that lets us get to know you better and the wonderful mother that you are! ♥

  5. This is a such a fun concept! And I’m really glad you exercised your veto power over the name “Tomahawk” LOL! That is so funny!

  6. Omg! I love this so much. Grocery delivery is now my go to gift for close friends who have a baby. So much better than baby stuff that will just clog up their house. Sounds like we have a lot in common, mama!

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