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Motherhood & Family Lifestyle

There is no such thing as a normal life, there is just life. Normal Life Mom, is just a glimpse into one mom’s journey through motherhood, one day at a time. 

Explore topics on motherhood, babyhood, toddlerhood, preschool-hood and family lifestyle.

Healthy Family Food & Snacks

Picky eaters, food allergies, and getting dinner on the table fast is what Normal Life Mom is here for. Finding food the whole family will love is so important. Here at Normal Life Mom we are always searching for the best healthy family food and snacks, always with allergies and picky eaters in mind. 

Our approach to family friendly food is that it has to be healthy, wholesome, low sugar but always delicious. 

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DIY Learning & Play Activities for Kids

Learning through play or play-based-learning is such an important tool for children as they explore the world around them.

Normal Life Mom is always looking for fun and easy DIY play-based-learning and educational activities including sensory bins, kid crafts, educational activities and more!


Normal Life Mom.

More About Normal Life Mom

There is no such thing as a normal life, there is just life. I’m Christine, a mom of two, who lives in Normal (a real place) in the midwest. 

I’m here to share all of my favorite family friendly recipes and snacks with allergies in mind. Writing about topics related to motherhood, toddlerhood, and preschool-hood! Also creating EASY DIY play-based-learning activities you can do at home.