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Post-It Note Game For Babies & Toddlers

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Post it notes are life around here! Whether I am using them to remember what’s for dinner, write a little reminder for myself or incorporating them into some sort of play-based-learning games, we have a ton of post it notes. I always recycle the post-its, that is the beauty about those useful squares, but you can also transform them into this fun post-it note game designed for babies and one year olds.

Baby Development

Somewhere around 6 months old your baby starts to learn about cause and effect. You’ll notice that they are starting to pick this life skill up because they will repeatedly drop their milk cup, or their toy or whatever is in there hand on the floor, and watch you pick it up.

After you pick it up, chances are high that your baby will probably drop it again. As exhausting as it may be for parents to watch this cause and effect play out resulting in milky floors, this is actually your baby learning, growing and developing! This “skill” eventually turns into fun for them, which makes this post-it note game and activity the perfect way to play-through-learning.

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Post-it Note Game

The best part about this post-it game is that you can bring it with you, and adjust to your babies needs. This game works best for those babies who are able to sit independently. Under supervision, you can place the post-it notes on the wall in front of your baby. 

If your baby is able to stand unassisted you can place them all over the wall encouraging them to reach for the post-its.

Creating easy drop and pick up games is something your baby will love and this post-it note game can’t get much easier. This is such an easy and fun way to play with your kiddo, and you can easily set it up over and over again around your house. 

post it note game for toddlers

First, find a flat surface like a wall, or even the fridge and place post-it notes on the door. First let your baby explore the post-it notes. All of the colorful post-its are sure to peak their interest. 

Next, your baby will start exploring using their sense of touch. The post-it feels light and flimsy. As they start to grab the post-its they will also learn that the back part is sticky, which is fun and unusual for them.

Their tiny fingers may stick to the post it and they will learn how to get their fingers unstuck. Next they will start pulling the post-it notes off the wall and then drop them to the floor. 

games to play with post it notes

The hardest part will be YOU keeping up! Can you restick them to the wall faster than they can grab them off?

toddler fine motor activity

If your baby is still putting everything in their mouth make sure to keep a close eye on your kiddo, to make sure they don’t eat the post-its!

Baby Airplane Activity

This game is PERFECT for a long flight! Simply stick the post it notes to the tray in front of you and let baby explore sticking them on and pulling them off.


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