Pouch cap sensory bin.

Pouch Cap Sensory Bin

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This year has really opened my eyes when it comes to toys and how we play. I love trying to find everyday objects, or things that I would otherwise throw away or recylce, and transform them into fun play-based-learning activities. This fun pouch cap sensory bin is a fun way to re-use pouch caps and use several of your five senses.

Reusing Pouch Caps

Pouch caps are the twist off caps on top of squeezable fruit and veggies pouches for babies. They also have these on top of applesauce containers. The pouch caps come in so many different colors, are a very durable plastic, and can be transformed into many uses for play. 

Pouch cap sensory bin.

I realized that these caps were meant to be recycled and played with, so I slowly started collecting them for play later on and even asked some of my friends if they could save their tops for me. 

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Pouch Caps As Sensory Bin Filler

After my hoarding of pouch caps, it was time to come up with fun ways to play with them. I store them in large plastic ziplock containers and pull them out for all sorts of arts and crafts, and play-through-learning activities. Check out this fun pouch cap necklace activity using the pouch caps.

One day I decided to just throw the caps into a box and let my child sift their hands through the caps and play however they wanted. Thus, the pouch cap sensory bin was born!

What is A Sensory Bin?

A sensory bin or sensory box is just a small container with tons of objects that your kids can sift their hands through to play while stimulating their senses. You can use any sort of filler you want. These pouch caps are smaller, so if your child is still in a stage where they are putting everything in their mouth, you want to make sure you are watching very closely.

Creating A Pouch Cap Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is easy-peasy. Simply add the pouch caps to a large plastic container (or even large tupperware works) add spoons, measuring cups or even your child’s favorite action figures and let them explore!

Toddler sensory bin

I also like adding a secondary box, container, or even muffin tin to allow my child to explore shopping and transferring. The great things about  this kind of sensory bin, is that if the material gets outside the box it is very easy to clean.

Sensory Bins And Using Your Five Senses

Not only are you using your hands and your sense of touch with this sensory bin, but you are also using your eyes and ears as you explore the sensory box. The pouch caps make fun clicking and clanking noises when you run your hands through the box, which is so much fun for little kids. 

toddler sensory bin

Since the pouch caps come in so many different colors, it’s also extremely visually appealing to your child. 

Enhancing The Sensory Bins

My preschooler liked adding her Paw Patrol figurines to the pouch cap sensory bin, and she had fun while they played in “Adventure Bay”

Need to kick it up a notch? Check out this post about 4 easy activities in order to enhance your next sensory bin with some easy and fun educational play-based learning ideas.

Pouch cap sensory bin. Reusing old pouch caps and turning them into a fun play based learning sensory box for toddlers and young children. #sensorybox #sensoryplay #sensorybin #sensoryactivities #indooractivities #toddleractivities

Want more sensory box activity ideas? Check out this fun coffee bean sensory box activity

Sensory Box

If your children love sensory bins, be sure to check out this fun way to play using coffee beans.

sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers that is a great boredom buster. #pouchcaps #sensorybin #sensorybins #playbasedlearning

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  1. This is SUCH a great idea! I started using the reusable pouches but this makes me want to start using the store-bought ones again. Love your ideas for sensory bins. We’re finally at that stage where my toddler will play instead of eat 😉

  2. This is such a fun idea! We use ours for math manipulatives around here (maybe I should write about it!). But, we love to be able to reuse them! I bet my youngest would love scooping and dumping them!

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