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Puzzles, Poms and Learning Through Play

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The morning I “invented” puzzles, poms and play was actually a total crap show of a morning and needed to think of something fast for my toddler to do. It’s important for me to break the cycle of watching TV or playing the same toys over and over again, so I always try and incorporate a play-based-learning activity into our morning routine.

The “games” as my daughter likes to call them, allow me to watch & engage at a distance while she is learning and having fun. I can be her biggest cheerleader from the sidelines encouraging her with the “rules” while in many ways she is learning to do it on her own.

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I Get A Lot Of My Inspiration On Pinterest

I will find activities (mostly based on the pictures I see) and pin them now and read the instructions later.  “Puzzles, Poms and Play” morning, I was bouncing a crying baby in one hand and didn’t have time to read the instructions so I made up my own “game” for my little one.

I saw some pictures of children placing pom-poms into mega blocks that were turned upside down. I kicked it up a notch by quickly drawing a puzzle of sorts on giant butcher block paper and also having my daughter search for pom-poms that I scattered around the house. 

The Game Had a Few Parts

  1. Create a small scavenger hunt for the pom-poms scattered around the house
  2. Put the “puzzle” together using the Mega Blocks
  3. Place the Pom-poms in the mega blocks according to color

Sensory Play

Sensory Play

This is a great activity that gets your child thinking and incorporates both large motor & fine motor skills. It also helps with improving their knowledge and understanding of shapes and colors. You can easily adapt this to your child’s age or needs to make it work for your kiddo. 

Mega Pom Toddler Activity

Prep time:
Play time:
Total time:
A fun learning-through play activity with little time for preparation and no mess!
  • Mega Blocks
  • Pom Poms
  • Tongs
  • Butcher Block Paper
  • Bowl/Bucket for collecting Poms
  1. Scatter pom-poms around the house and ask your child to search for them and place them in a bucket. (make sure that some of the pom-poms are the same color as your mega blocks)
  2. Meanwhile, turn the mega-blocks upside down and trace onto a piece of butcher block paper. You want to use lots of different kinds of sizes of the blocks
  3. Ask your child to “put the puzzle together” by placing the blocks onto the corresponding shape on the butcher block paper
  4. Once the poms have been collected explain to them how to use the tweezers (large tongs) and match the colored pom into the corresponding upside down mega block pieces
  5. Repeat

Learning Through Play Ingredients

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Melissa and Doug butcher block paper is a playroom essential. The paper is extremely good quality and we use it in this activity and many, many more. Its great for drawing, making banners, tracing names, really the options are endless.

Play based learning activity

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