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The Best Organic Items At Aldi

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Shopping for organic food at Aldi is way cheaper than a traditional supermarket. These are the best organic items Aldi offers #savingmoney #organicfood #cleaneating #moneysavinghacks

After my daughter was born, I started being more conscious about the foods that we were eating. I would love for our family to eat everything organic wherever and whenever we can, however, organic foods typically carry a heavier price tag. Many people started mentioning to me that some of the best organic items at Aldi were much cheaper than those at the supermarket. Could it be?

What Is Aldi?

My only prior experience at Aldi was in college. We were having a cookout and were on an extremely limited budget. One of my friends suggested we head to Aldi for all of our goods.

Where was the brand name ketchup? Why aren’t these Oreos called Oreos? Wait, where are all the colorful packages full of “brand name” products. Clearly if my ketchup wasn’t branded this was some sort of second hand store, right?

Also, why was everyone hoarding boxes in their cart? This place seemed strange to me. I was so ignorant and not willing to understand. After we left, I decided I would never, ever be the person who shopped at Aldi.

Joke’s on me.

What To Know About Aldi

Flash forward…..Once I hit adulthood, was on a budget, and heard about how great Aldi was, I decided to check it out myself. This time I went with an open mind.

Although I had the brief memory of my college experience, I clearly had not done my research before I went. Why were all the carts stuck together, were they closed?  I then asked an older man, “Are you done with your cart?” and he looked at me confused and paused, “Umm, sure here you go?” He was almost placing his hand out like he wanted something from me. WEIRD. In ANY other supermarket this exchange of carts would be completely normal, honestly appreciated, but in an Aldi lot this guy just gave me 25 cents. 

As I pushed my way through the aisles, the food was recognizable, but again no branded labels like you are used to in a traditional super market. I’m an adult now, so I can move past this.

The cost of everything all around was so much cheaper than what I payed in traditional grocery stores. I was also in total amazement when I saw how many different organic options they offered, and if it wasn’t organic it was NON-GMO certified. 

I stocked my cart to the brim, checked out and was FLOORED that my entire cost of fresh produce, organic meat, and organic pantry staples was less than $100.

At checkout, I finally realized why everyone was hoarding boxes throughout the store. Items are not bagged at Aldi– you bring your own and do it yourself after checking out. 

Aldi is able to provide low cost, healthy food by skimping on what other supermarkets do. They don’t hire anyone to get their carts (which is why you pay a 25 cent refundable rental fee), there is no one to bag your groceries, they don’t even offer bags for your groceries unless you pay for them,. Also, there is no marketing/advertising through out the store. What you see is what you get!


1- Bring 25 cents if you want a cart

2- Bring your own reusable bags to shop with

3- Be prepared to be amazed at the selection of food and the price tag that goes with it!

Aldi’s Clean Ingredient Foods

Aldi’s “Simply Nature” brand is either all organic or contains no GMOs. These foods are also free from: artificial flavors, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. A full list of over 125 other ingredients that you WON’T find in these items can be found on Aldi’s website here 

I am now an Aldi regular, and want to shout it from the rooftops!

Things to note: My only issue with Aldi is that while many items are always available, there are several items that you will find, fall in love with, and then never see again. I became addicted to vegetable “hashbrowns” and then one day they just stopped selling them. They also offer “Aldi finds” which are random food items and household items that they offer for now, but once they are gone, they may never come back.

Note: As I discuss costs, please understand that I am in the Midwest, and costs in your area may be different. 



Organic Frozen Vegtables

Aldi offers a huge selection of organic and non-organic frozen vegetables and the price tag will make you want to stock your freezer ASAP. I love always having a bag of frozen broccoli on hand for an easy dinner side, or frozen strawberries to add to a smoothie.

Organic Nut Butters

Organic nut butters can get REALLY REALLY pricey. I love Aldi’s because it won’t break the bank, they are extremely delicious, and they have a very limited amount of added sugars. At our Aldi you can get a decent size tub of almond, peanut or cashew butter for about $5. 

Organic Beans

Organic beans at Aldi are much cheaper than a standard super market

Organic beans at Aldi will cost you right under a dollar, which is an amazing find. They contain no added salt, and the containers are BPA free. Stock your pantry full of kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans.

Organic Broth

Aldi offers huge boxes of organic broth for under $2 which is INCREDIBLE. Compared to the brand name broth, you are saving almost $3 a box. What I love is that the ingredients are easy to read and DO NOT contain carageenan. I always get the low sodium broth (because who needs the added salt anyway).

Organic Produce At Aldi

Aldi produce is much cheaper than a traditional grocery store. You can purchase tons of organic produce at Aldi #organicproduce #aldi #aldifinds

Organic produce was what got me into Aldi in the first place. The organic produce at Aldi is so much cheaper than any other supermarket I visit. It is one of the only places where the price of avocados is much, much cheaper year round. Check out their organic berries, kale, spinach, lettuces, bananas, and pears.

Organic Marinara

Organic marinara at Aldi is much cheaper than supermarkets. Real ingredients and lots of flavor #aldi #aldiproducts #organicforless #organicfood

This pantry staple is organic and comes in under $2. It has tons of flavor. Perfect to throw in for spaghetti night or any other pasta dish. 

Organic Nut Milks

For the most part, our home is dairy free, and since my daughter turned one we have been using unsweetened organic almond milk for drinking and even cooking with. The issue is the cost- upwards of $4 a half gallon in many major supermarkets. Aldi’s new line of organic nut milks, comes in under $3. Bonus- the milk does not contain carrageenan.

Organic Baby Food & Products At Aldi

Aldi offers a huge selection of organic baby food, diapers, formula and nursery water. Aldi's baby products are half the cost of what you would pay in the supermarket #aldi #aldifinds #savingmoney #babyitems

You can usually find pouches of organic baby food for less than a dollar.  Yes, I said that correctly! The ingredients are simple and contain no additives, which makes them a perfect option for on the go if you don’t have time to make your own baby food. 

They also sell diapers, wipes, nursery water, puffs, and other baby items at a fraction of the cost you would pay for brand name items. A friend of mine swore by their overnight diapers. 

Organic Nuts

Nuts are so much cheaper when shopping at Aldi. We love buying bags of cashews, peanuts, and pistachios. They have fun and unique flavors, like chili-lime or honey roasted. Their nuts come in both organic and non-organic options.  I usually opt for the no-salt added kind and use them to make my cashew crusted chicken

Pre-peeled Garlic

Pre-peeled garlic is one of the best mom hacks I know. The garlic comes ready to go so all you have to do is mince it and add it to your food #kitchenhacks #momhacks #food #aldi #aldifinds

This is honestly one of the best mom hacks out there. Who has got time to peel garlic when dinner time rolls around? Stress less, and buy this bag for under $3. It is not labeled as organic or non-GMO, however, garlic is on the “Clean 15” list and has tons of anti-pesticide properties.

Organic Hummus

My daughter is obsessed with hummus. We use it to dip our veggies and sometimes she uses it as a substitute for ketchup. Aldi offers a pretty big selection of hummus: garlic, roasted red pepper and more. We love the plain hummus. The ingredients in the non-organic hummus are great too!

Organic Antioxidant Juice

organic antioxidant juice from Aldi stores #organicforcheaper #organicfood #healthyfood

This juice is delicious and is chock full of flavor, nutrients, and antioxidants. It does still contains lot of sugar, but it’s natural sugar. I keep this on hand for mornings when I need a quick boost.

Organic Meat

My Aldi store JUST started carrying organic chicken which is amazing. It is about half the cost from what I would find in a traditional supermarket. I am spending about $5 per lb vs. grocery store costs upwards of $9 a lb. My Aldi store also offers organic ground beef and whole chickens. If you are an organic meat fan, this is a really big deal

What are your favorite Aldi finds?

What can’t you get enough of at Aldi? Is there an amazing Aldi find, that came around once and you are hoping comes back again? Let us know in the comments! Did we miss your favorite organic item at Aldi?

How I save tons of money shopping for organic food at Aldi. My favorite organic Aldi items #aldi #aldiproducts #organicfood #moneysavingtips

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  1. I’ve always heard such good things about Aldi, but we don’t have any in California. This whole paying for a cart thing sounds bananas!

    1. I had no idea they don’t hav Aldi in California! At least you have Trader Joe’s close by 🙂

      1. Hi. I just happened to come upon your blog post by doing a Twitter search on Aldi and it lead me here. Just wanted to clarify that we do have Aldi in California. I live in Compton and even we have one. There may be some areas with gaps on Aldi locations but we do have and it seems they’re expanding little by little. It is also, one of my favorite markets.

    2. Hi Hannah, you’re not paying for a cart, there’s a “safety lock” on each cart where you insert a quarter to release it from all the other carts. When you bring the cart back and lock it the row of the available carts, that same quarter is released for you. What this does as an immediate effect is: the parking lot is free and clear of random shopping carts, safer and they do not have to hire a person just to chase all the shopping carts. As a long-term effect I could say it increases awareness, mindfulness in general.
      They do charge for bags, paper-bags are $0.07, and reusable ones are the regular price, also to increase awareness about plastic bags and “deter” the use of it, but if you prefer not to pay, in a central aisle you’ll find a huge cart with all the boxes from items they sell, offered for free, with the request to kindly recycle the boxes when you’re done. I find it very uplifting, as those boxes for me get not only a second use but a third use, too, as my cats love new fresh cardboard, so when I’m done with the shopping I sprinkle a little catnip and the cats are happiest. Hope you give it a try.

  2. Oh my gosh – pre-peeled garlic – where have you been my whole life?!
    I used to go to Aldi all the time with my mom, but don’t tend to go much now. It’s not super close to us. BUT, I’m so glad you posted this. It’s helpful for me to have a list to look out for and now I want to give it another try!

  3. We used to live in the Midwest, and this article is true. The best organic and natural foods at Aldi’s for great prices! I really miss Aldi’s, we don’t have them in the PNW.

  4. I’m so impressed that Aldi is carrying all these great organic foods! It shows progress is really being made ❤️

  5. We don’t have an Aldi near us but I love that determined moms who search can find what they need for their family! We make fresh produce a huge priority at our house and are super picky which store we get it from. Now everyone asks me to bring the fruit bowl to parties because we only buy the best ♥

  6. I’ve never been to Aldi, but your post is for sure making me want to check it out. I guess I gotta start hoarding quarters!

  7. Thanks for the ideas of what to put on my shopping list! FYI, Aldi’s charging for cart and bags, and having you bag your own groceries, is how it is done in European grocery stores.

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