Toddler Color Matching Activity

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color matching activity printable

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It’s my mission to keep my son occupied for at least 20 minutes each morning so I can breeze through getting breakfast put away, cleaning up the kitchen, and getting the day started on the right foot (and maybe even drinking warm coffee). He has been really into puzzles and color matching games, and he is a boy who absolutely LOVES all things wheels. I put together this easy peasy color matching activity wheel “puzzle” and it keeps him occupied for a good chunk of time. The best part is it’s a low prep setup!

toddler color matching activity

Pouch Cap Wheels

If you know me then you know I love pouch caps and we have a huge collection around the house. I use these for sensory bins, counting activities, and even crafts. So it’s no wonder that I decided to use them as the perfect wheels for my puzzle activity. 

easy toddler activity

For this color matching activity you’ll only need 8 pouch caps all together! Two green, two blue, two red, and two yellow. You can collect these from a child’s baby food pouches or even applesauce. 

Color Matching Board

You can grab this free puzzle board here, and print it out. It is the perfect size in order to put the wheels on the car. 

I recently purchased a  laminator and it has been such a game changer! I have been laminating everything and everything around my house and it’s been really great so we can continue to reuse worksheets and puzzles.You can write directly on the laminated pages with expo markers and then wipe it right off!

color matching activity for toddlers

For these homemade puzzles I have especially loved having it laminated, so no matter if we chew on it (yep that happened) spill water on it (that happened too) it isn’t ruined and holds it’s shape. A laminator is super inexpensive and can be used for so many different things! No laminator? No problem, you can still print out this activity and let your toddler go wild.

simple color matching games

We have been absolutely LOVING this desk for my son. Since my daughter is currently home virtual learning, I need to keep my son busy so he doesn’t disturb my daughter’s work flow.

Each morning I set up his own “desk” with a small activity on top of his desk and things hidden inside the desk for later. I like to lay out the activity the night before (as pictured below). He has gotten good and heading to his desk to find what’s in store for him for the day.

indoor toddler activity

DIY Puzzle Activity

Simply lay out the laminated puzzle paper, and some of the different wheels. I modeled how to place the wheel onto the corresponding car. Then I removed the wheels and had him give it a go! He repeated this over and over. 

pouch cap activity


color matching activity printable

Clean up is a breeze! Store away the puzzle and use it again on a rainy day!

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