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Toddler Food Delivery

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If you’re anything like me, one of the biggest struggles of the holiday season is the lead-up TO the holiday season. There are parties and baking, shopping trips and wrapping, and between the marathon that is the Halloween to New Years’ season, I just don’t have a lot of energy leftover for the normal day-to-day stuff. And the very LAST thing I want to do in the evenings is try to come up with what my kids are going to eat for dinner. Enter a toddler food delivery service, Yumble.

Let me say this upfront. Yumble is a total lifesaver. A food delivery service that caters to both toddlers and kids, Yumble has a ton of great nutritionally-balanced organic and healthy food options that my kids love, and it really takes the guesswork out of our lunch and dinner plans. Here’s a quick rundown of how Yumble works, and all my very favorite things about it.

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How Does Yumble Work?

Yumble is as easy as this: After signing up for the service, you choose how many meals you’d like a week (they provide recommendations based on how many kids you plan on feeding), you pick your menu from a number of rotating meal options, and then you simply wait for it to show up at your door. Serve the food as is, or heat the meal up with just two minutes in the microwave and serve hot. That’s all the time it takes to have an easy family meal on the table.

toddler food delivery

If you don’t have the time or the energy to choose each meal individually, you can also opt for one of Yumble’s curated boxes (like the Picky Eaters or Vegetarian Kids box), which chooses the meals for you according to the box theme.

Even better, the box itself is made of specially designed sustainable packaging and it keeps your food cold until you make it home, so there is no worrying about it going bad if you’re out running errands when the delivery comes. The meals even come with stickers and activities for the kids.

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How Much does Yumble Cost?

You might be thinking at this point that a kids’ meal delivery service couldn’t possibly be affordable, but Yumble absolutely is. For 6 meals a week, it’s just $3.99 per meal, and if you buy 12 meals a week, the cost works out to just $3.74 a meal. And these aren’t cheap, unhealthy “filler” mealtime options that you often find with kids’ food. These are truly quality meals, making it a much better option than the fast food or to-go foods you might be grabbing instead.

What if My Kids have Dietary Restrictions?

Yumble offers a lot of different options, everything from organic to gluten-free. They even offer a wide variety of allergy-friendly choices. As a lot of you know, the ability to see whether each meal contains one of the top 8 allergens is HUGE for me.

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Get 25% Off Your First 2 Weeks!


I’ve written a lot on this blog about how my daughter is allergic to eggs, and Yumble makes it so easy to find delicious and healthy snacks and meals for her. Have a child that is no soy, no milk, no egg or veggies only? Yumble can design a meal plan exactly for you. The best part is that whatever meals you choose, you know exactly what sort of quality, nutritionist approved ingredients are in it.

How is Yumble Different from Other Delivery Services?

From my own experience, I’ve found that a lot meal delivery services lack variety. After a while, you tend to see the same meals show up time and time again, which kind of defeats the purpose of even HAVING a family meal delivery service. But Yumble does a great job of changing their menu frequently. If you’d like to see the current menu, you can click HERE.

 Healthy School Lunch Delivered

Personally, my daughter LOVED the Taco Pocket and the pizza bagel, and mom loved all the veggies that came along with it! They even offer snack and breakfast options, perfect for those days when you’re on the go and out the door.

When Should I Use Yumble?

There’s no “perfect time” to use Yumble, that’s what so great about it. The service works for everything from the parent who just wants a few extra snacks during the week, to the busy mom who needs some quick and healthy kids’ options for dinner. Personally, I LOVE having some meals in the fridge ready to go for when we have a busy week and I don’t have time to prepare lunch, but if you find breakfast or dinner more of a struggle, you could totally use Yumble for that instead.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a break from cooking once in a while, and Yumble is a great option for times like these. With the upcoming holidays, it could even make a great gift for the moms and dads in your life (Need more gift suggestions for mom? Check out my gift guide HERE). If you’re traveling, you could even order a box to send ahead to your holiday destination, so there’s no worry about cooking for your picky eater or having allergen-free options available at grandma’s house (just make sure there’s enough room in the fridge!).

Because Yumble meals are in contained individual packages, they’re also super handy to send with your kids to their daycare or to have ready for the babysitter. The meals can be served as is, or with a couple of minutes of heating in the microwave, making them a great option for even the worst of chefs.

What if I Change My Mind?

Life is hectic, and Yumble gets that. If you find yourself not needing a week of meals, you can easily pause or skip an upcoming shipment. Know that you’re going to need an extra snack or two one week? Simply add a few extra kids’ meals to that week’s shipment. And, if you find you need to, it’s very easy to cancel your Yumble service, right from your account page.

So… Is Yumble Worth it?

ABSOLUTELY. I can’t stress this enough. Here’s a quick rundown of all my favorite things about Yumble:

  • It saves you precious time and energy
  • It offers tons of great allergy friendly options
  • The dishes are flavorful and nutritionally balanced
  • They offer snack and breakfast options, in addition to lunch and dinner
  • They deliver healthy kids’ food, right to your door
  • The service is affordable, and you can make changes whenever your schedule needs it

So, to sum it up, Yumble is awesome. It’s affordable, easy to use (and easy to change when life gets hectic), and delicious. It saves me time and energy, since there’s no more meal planning or trips to the grocery store, and it offers me the flexibility to plan around my kid’s allergies or dietary needs. Best of all, I get some serious peace of mind from knowing that I’m providing my kids with healthy, quality organic kids’ meals. And that, my friends, is pretty much priceless.

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