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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts And Activities

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You’ve seen the memes, maybe you’re stocked up to the brim, maybe you’re reading this post five years from now and can hardly remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020. Now that we know you probably have a whole lotta toilet paper, what the HECK is everyone going to do with all those empty rolls of toilet paper and paper towels? Whatever you do, once you’re done with your toilet paper rolls don’t toss them! Instead just like you stockpiled the TP stock pile them for one of these amazing activities. 

I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers and asked them what they like to do with their left over toilet paper and paper towel tubes. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite toilet paper roll crafts and activities.

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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts And Activities

The Best Toilet Paper Activities

Who would have imagined that toilet paper rolls could provide so many amazing learnings activities! These are some of my favorite ways to use toilet paper rolls.

Paper Haircuts

paper haircuts

This activity is just so much fun and SO easy to throw together! Allow your child to work on their fine motor skills and have them head to the “salon” in this fun hair cutting activity. We love using these scissors for our kids to learn to cut.

Toilet Paper Stacking Activity

homemade stacking toy for baby

If you have a toddler or even an older child transform your toilet paper rolls into a sensory bin as pictured above, and then play this fun and easy homemade stacking game that will keep your child busy.

Color Sorting Activity

color sorting matching preschool activity

This toilet paper activity is SO easy yet so impactful! Throw this together try and have your child match the colored paper clips to the correct colored toilet paper tube. 

Toilet Paper Roll Building Blocks

cardboard construction tubes

These toilet paper roll building blocks will knock your kids socks off and it’s an activity they can play with over and over again. 

Pom Pom Drop

pom pom drop

This is a fun low prep problem solving activity for your child. Allow them to create a maze on the wall and drop their pom-poms to see if they make it back in the box. 

Homemade Birdfeeder

homemade bird feeder

This toilet paper roll craft and activity is the gift that keeps on giving! Your child will light up when they see birds come to take a couple nibbles.

More Things To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls

The Best Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Make a Space Ship

cardboard space shuttle

This out of this world craft is so much fun. Incorporate it using a Space Theme or make tiny planets, so you and your little astronaut can create and explore the planets.

Unicorn Craft

cardboard tube unicorn craft preschoolers

If you have a little unicorn lover in your life, these unicorn cardboard crafts are perfect. They come with a printable.

Olaf Craft

Olaf craft

Do you want to build snowman? Head off to Arendelle with this super fun and easy craft your Frozen lover will enjoy. 

Race Car Craft

paper car craft

These race cars are the perfect boredom buster! Have your child create these adorable cars, and then add a small racetrack around your home using tape, or even a large piece of paper. This craft is the ultimate boredom buster! 

And by now, y’all know how much I love pouch caps- check out this pouch cap necklace activity, pouch cap sensory bin, and pouch cap rainbow activity for more pouch cap inspiration. 

Little Pigs Craft

toilet paper craft

How adorable are these little pigs! You can have your child create this fun craft and then read them the Three Little Pigs, and they can recreate the story over and over again.

Butterfly Craft

butterfly craft

These butterfly crafts are so simple to put together and the perfect craft to brighten up your day year round.

Minion Toilet Paper Craft

minion toilet paper craft

These Minion crafts are absolutely adorable, and you can create a whole crew of minion friends for your kids to display and play with.

Penguin Craft

penguin toilet paper craft

These penguins are so cute and would go great with an arctic learning theme or animal themed lesson.

Need Even More Craft Ideas?

What Kind of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts & Activities Will You Create?

Do you have any fun toilet paper Roll Crafts And Activities we should know about? Drop it in the comments so we can get even more inspiration.

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