Weekly Family Meal Plan

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It’s that time of the week again! Time to share with you all what we are eating for dinner this week. I always like to have a weekly family meal plan in place so I know what I am cooking and so my family knows what to expect.

Our meal plan is modified and some version of it will always be- gluten free, dairy free, egg free, peanut and mustard free. Sometimes someones plate will be changed a bit for allergies.

This week is filled with lots of yummy goodness. And, as always, there are a few surprises thrown in there too! So without further ado, let’s get started.

Meal Plan: Well Of 10/31/22

Monday: Chili! This is our Halloween tradition. Kids get a grilled cheese with it 🙂

Tuesday: Chicken Stir fry

Wednesday: Grilled chicken, asparagus, rolls, and roasted potatoes.

Thursday: Slow cooker Beef Stew

Friday: Pizza!

Saturday: Not planned

Sunday: Not Planned

Meal Plan: Week of 10/24/2022

Monday: Nachos using leftover Barbacoa

Tuesday: Pasta Fagioli, Homemade meatballs, and crusty French bread.

Wednesday: Hot dogs and French fries

Thursday: Slow cooker beef tacos

Friday: Out to dinner

Saturday: Airy Fryer spicy chicken sandwiches from this cookbook

Sunday: Grilled chicken thighs, roasted broccoli, baked potatoes and orzo.

Meal Plan: Week Of 10/17/2022

Monday: Beer can chicken, oven roasted green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes and gluten free gravy. and Hawaiian rolls from Aldi (egg free not GF).

Tuesday: Chicken, bacon Sandwiches + Chips. Leftover chicken from beer can chicken. Make bacon in oven (on sheet pan for 20 minutes at 400), shredded lettuce (love the pre shredded bags from Aldi), cheese, and Boulder Canyon chips.

Wednesday: Giant Meatball Turkey Meatball with a side of gluten free pasta, crusty French bread, and side salad.

Thursday: Chicken Enchilada Soup

Friday: Cheeseburger sliders I will make two pans of this, one with regular Hawaiin rolls, and one with Gluten free Hawaiin rolls (Canyon Creek)

Saturday: Homemade Hamburgers and homemade French fries

Sunday: Crockpot Barbacoa Tacos

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