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Newspaper Sensory Activity For Babies

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I’m about to blow your mind with one of the EASIEST sensory play activities for babies and toddlers that will honestly keep them entertained for EVER. Ok, maybe not forever, but a solid 15 minutes which in baby and toddler time is basically FOREVER. I bring you some light reading, a lot of laughing, in this newspaper sensory activity for babies.

Everyday Items For Sensory Play

If you think long and hard about it, your baby is probably more into non-toys than actual toys, am I right? My baby loves playing with tupperware, spoons, water bottles, post-it notes, basically everything in the house that is NOT a toy. 

I even created the fun post-it note drop it, because my little guy was more into the post-it notes than he was the light up trucks that were in the playroom.

Start looking at the items around your house and turn them into fun activities. Not only are you recycling, but your child will learn and explore using these every day objects that you would have otherwise thrown in the trash.

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No Mess Setup Sensory Activity

If your house is anything like mine, then every week you probably get lots of unsolicited newspaper and ads. One day I accidentally dropped it on the floor on my way to the recycling bin, and my son grabbed it and started happily playing with it. This quickly became an activity we started playing regularly!

This activity is SOOOOO easy yet extremely impactful. Simply set down newspaper on the ground, and let your baby explore it! Show them how to crinkle the paper up, and let them do and play however they want.

Sensory Activity For Babies

Throw the paper in the air. 

Let them stand on the paper. 

Mess the paper up.

Stack the paper. 

Sit on top of the paper.

Point to familiar objects on the paper.

All The Sensory Elements For Babies

Newspaper has some GREAT elements perfect for sensory play.  

Touch-Touching newspaper is unique in that it has a crinkly texture and the paper is also thick. Your baby will be fascinated as they run their tiny hands across the paper crinkling it up. 

Sight-They will get to see so many unique colors and pictures as they flip through the many pages of the newspaper.

Hear-Once they start running their hands through the paper, they will get to hear the exciting crinkle of the paper. It’s so fun to HEAR the paper crinkle back and forth as it’s in your babies hands scrunch and squish. 

Smell-Have you ever noticed that newspaper smells? Sometimes I add a quick mist of rosewater onto the paper to get an extra element going (totally unnecessary), but newspaper does have its own unique smell.

Taste--Ok, ok we DON’T want your baby to taste the paper, so make sure your keeping an eye on them as they play.

Now Get Playing

So go grab some paper, throw it on the floor in this fun sensory activity for babies that will keep them entertained for EVER (or at least 15 minutes so you can try ad get something done.) Have fun friends!

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  1. I had no idea there was a place called Normal! I laughed when I read your little one liked to play with post-it notes. I always noticed that when I babysat my little nephew, he was more interested in taking my kitchen apart then any toys my brother brought over. I’ll have to remember these things as my baby girl gets a little older.

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