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Ok, you are probably reading the title and wondering how postpartum and fashion can even be in the same sentence…but they can! This post isn’t about being fashionable its really about options for looking somewhat put together AND comfy post baby.

Trying to find cute, affordable nursing clothing post-partum was a huge challenge for me. Everyone will be dying to come squeeze and love on your new baby and your husbands’ oversized shirt and pre-pregnancy jeans probably won’t cut it (or fit). Lucky for you, I put together a mix of some of my favorite comfy, transitional pieces for postpartum.

I needed light weight, comfy clothes that were also easy to nurse/pump in and also hide my new stretched out body. Its harder than you think to find postpartum clothes.

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Great Postpartum & Nursing Clothing Selections:

The best advice I have is to try and find pieces that can be easily repurposed or used for a long time to come. The post party puffiness, pudginess and stretched out body won’t be a thing forever.

My Postpartum Fashion Picks

  • I lived in the robe pictured above for several days postpartum-who am I to kid I am still wearing it many weeks later. I wore a nursing tank underneath and robed it up as I walked around the house. The lace detail around the neck made it seem a little more “dressy” than your typical robe. This robe also has enough room that it can be worn while pregnant.

  • Its hiding, but the nursing Tunic from Target (light blue), linked below and pictured above (even though I was hiding) was a nice pop of color and super easy to nurse in. Its a nice material and can be worn well after your nursing journey has ended..

  • The Luxe tank tops from Old Navy (Pictured above) have been my go to post-partum shirts. I actually bought one in every single color. They are very light weight and flowy. You can easily pair them with leggings or jeans and add some jewelry if you want to “dress” them up. They also have this same style in short and long sleeve as well. Super soft and very forgiving- a great addition to your postpartum wardrobe
  • These black leggings from target are a hidden gem (pictured above). I wear these all the time even before baby. They aren’t super thick and pair great with flowy tops or tunics. They stretch nice around the waist making them a perfect postpartum legging. Its become harder and harder to find these in my Target so if you find a pair buy 10 and thank me later.






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