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The Best Organic Baby Formulas

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In an ideal world, every mom would breastfeed their child until they were one. Breastfeeding would be easy, there would be no bleeding nipples, no latching problems, depression and unplanned life events wouldn’t interfere. Maternity leave would be a full year, and society would encourage breastfeeding in every way possible.

There would be an abundance of milk supply. Food allergies wouldn’t exist and you wouldn’t be here looking for the best organic formulas at all. Breastfeeding would be the end all be all, and we would never even have to think about anything else. THE END.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for millions and millions of different reasons. However, we are extremely lucky that we DO live in a world in which we can easily access high quality, alternative nourishment to feed our infant children. Mothers are no longer forced to walk miles and miles in order to find a wet nurse in order to keep their child’s bodies sustained. How lucky are we that we have so many great alternatives in today’s day and age? Some of the best organic baby formulas are actually just a click away.

How To Choose Baby Formula

Formula can get a bad rap and absolutely, there are reasons why. A quick peek at the ingredient list on SOME baby formulas will have you scratching your head. Why can’t I pronounce any of these words? I’ve heard Carageenan is bad, so why is it in baby formula? Why is there so much added corn-syrup and sugar in formula? Maybe these are some of the reasons people feel uneasy about formula.

It’s hard to sift through all the information to determine which baby formulas are the best. Pediatricians offices and hospitals are bombarded with the big formula brands providing samples and pushing their product.

You probably started receiving coupons for baby formula in the mail from the big names brands, before you even had a chance to tell your Great Aunt Judy that you were pregnant.

We are heavily marketed with yellow and purple cans, that show up at our door before we ask for them. It’s brilliant marketing and the seed is planted. If breastfeeding doesn’t work, you already have formula cans laying around the house that you got for free. Some Google research will tell you NOT to bounce around from different baby formulas as it can upset your babies stomach, so now you are hooked on that brand.

Researching The Best Baby Formulas

Don’t let the “bad” formulas discourage you, with just a tiny smidge of research you will find that there are so many amazing formulas on the market these days. Many of them are organic, and even better you can order them online.

Look for organic baby formulas that don’t contain added sugar, corn-syrup, carrageenan, or excessive preservatives and additives. 

Whether you are currently breastfeeding, and looking for the best organic formula for supplementing or if you are looking to formula feed your child exclusively, the list below includes fantastic organic formula brands you can feel proud of. 

Is Organic Baby Formula More Expensive?

Many people THINK that organic formulas are more expensive. They are WRONG. So wrong. In fact, you can head to your local health store, Target, and Whole Foods; and find many amazing quality cans for a few cents more than their non-organic formula varieties. Better yet, you don’t even need to leave your house, because some of the best organic formulas are just a click away. Doing research and ordering your formula via subscription services like Thrive Market or directly through organic formula websites can also save you tons of money on formula.

Baby formula options. Best organic baby formula. Baby dinking from bottle

The following may contain affiliate links. Please read my privacy policy and disclosure for more information. (*I am not a nutritionist or pediatrician nor do I play one on TV). The following formulas are the “cleanest” based on my extensive research and my opinion.

Best Organic Baby Formula Brands

Best organic baby formulas that are on the market. A list of the best organic baby formulas #babyformula #formulafeeding #baby #newborn #organicformula

1. Holle Organic Baby Formula

Holle brand of infant formula is actually made from goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is said to act closest to a mother’s breast milk. Germany also has really high standards when it comes to what ingredients they put in their food, and that does not stop at baby formula. This is the #1 most recommended “cleanest” formula in all of the land as stated by many different studies. You have to purchase it from a wholesale shop, however, with a little planning it can be shipped here in less than a week. They use only raw organic ingredients, grown using biodynamic agriculture.

2. Hipp Organic Baby Formula

Hipp formula is also made in Germany and this one is made from cow’s milk like most standard American Baby formulas. They have different “stages” of the formula that grow with you as the child grows. Holle has no artificial dyes or preservatives and is one of the cleanest formulas on the market.

3. Nature’s One Baby Only Organic Formula

Nature’s One Baby Only has several different varieties. The American formula closest to breast milk is the Nature’s One Baby Only- Whey with DHA/RHA. They also a Lactorelief formula for babies that may have a sensitivity to cow milk protein. This organic formula contains easy to read ingredients and according to their website, “This is the first and only source of Certified Organic DHA & ARA, Choline, and Lutein found in a formula.”

The best part is you can purchase this online and in bulk shipment directly form their website, with options for shipments every week or every other week. Bulk shipment includes free shipping and also a 15% off discount.

 Many health stores, and healthier grocery stores also carry this brand. You can also try a few cans of this organic formula from Amazon

4. Plum Organics Baby Formula

More and more American brands are jumping on board, realizing that Mother’s want the highest quality food standards when it comes to formula. Plum Organics boasts that it was modeled after breastmilk. Organic lactose is the primary carbohydrate and does not contain any corn-syrup. This is also a gluten-free baby formula. Plum Organics baby formula is sold in most grocery stores making it readily available to many.

5. Earth’s Best Baby Formula

Earth’s Best organic baby formula is another formula that is readily available at many grocery stores across America. This formula is organic and according to promotional packaging “The whey/casein ratio is almost identical to mother’s milk.” It is certified USDA organic and also offers sensitive varieties. This formula can be purchased at Thrive Market for much cheaper than what you would pay in grocery stores and bonus, it will be delivered right to your front door. 

Baby Formula Final Thoughts

With this list of the best organic baby formulas, you can feel confident that you are giving your child the best start and nutritional quality when it comes to their main source of nutrition.

Even if you choose NOT to use one of these formulas, give yourself a pat on the back for doing your research, and wanting to provide the best for your baby. Remember when your baby is ready for food beyond formula to check out our homemade baby food in the instant pot article


how to chose the best organic baby formula for your baby. Including deliver at home baby formula options #baby #babyformula #formula #babies #feedingbaby

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  1. So many good options here! I am thankful that breastfeeding has worked out for us, but I love to learn about different products, because we all know that all babies are different and just because we’ve been successful with nursing so far, there are SO many things that could change that in the future!

  2. Wow, this will save so many moms SO much time! Thanks for sharing your research about the best organic baby formulas available today. I was surprised not only that your #1 and #2 were from another country, but that they can be ordered online easily!

  3. I mostly nursed but I did end up supplementing toward the end. This guide would have been super helpful. I’ll have to pass it on to another mama!

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