winter family bucket list

Family Winter Bucket List

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I dislike the winter. There I said it. If I were to rank the seasons in order, winter will always come last and if I had my way we could go right from fall to spring. I am a warm sun on my face, flowers blooming, sitting by the pool kind of girl. I know seasonal depression is real, because every year right after the holidays are over, I feel a sense of claustrophobia. I know the coldest days of winter are still to come and we are trapped indoors. This year I wanted to try something different to beat the winter blues, so I created a fun family winter bucket list.

What Is A Winter Bucket List For Families?

If you are not familiar with the term bucket list it refers to a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. A family WINTER bucket list is just a targeted list of different ideas that we can complete together, during the winter time. 

The winter bucket list focuses on activities that can be done indoors and outdoors, taking advantage of times it snows. This year I will FINALLY be excited to see the snow fall, as I know it means we get to cross a few things off the list. Instead of counting the days until spring, I will be wondering what sorts of things we can accomplish from our list. 

What to Add to The Bucket List?

A family winter bucket list should have a little bit of everything. Since Normal Life Mom focuses on food, family and fun; I wanted to incorporate all different kinds of family related activities from each of those categories.

This winter bucket list has a little bit of everything: from making fun winter sensory bins, huge batches of chili, sledding and hot chocolate bars, to having a fun family movie night in.

I’m challenging you to use my winter family bucket list and to complete as many of these items this winter that you can. I have a free  printable checklist at the end. How many do you think you can cross off this winter?

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65 Ideas For Your Family Winter Bucket List

    1. Make a big batch of soup
    2. Make a homemade movie
    3. Create an indoor scavenger hunt
    4. Go somewhere warm for vacation
    5. Have a movie marathon day
    6. Do a project on arctic animals
    7. Go sledding
    8. Make a big batch of chili
    9. Go bowling
    10. Create a hot chocolate bar
    11. Donate old clothes and shoes
    12. Play a board game
    13. Build a snowman
    14. Make snow angels
    15. Make a valentines sensory bin
    16. Make homemade valentines
    17. Have a freezer meal prep day
    18. Bring snow indoors for sensory bin
    19. Visit a new children’s museum
    20. Take a new class
    21. Start a library challenge
    22. Swim at an indoor pool
    23. Have a tea party
    24. Write letters to family that live far away
    25. Start a new tradition
    26. Create a blanket fort
    27. Host a brunch
    28. Create a fake snow sensory bin
    29. Make snow man cups (white cup with eyes and mouth)
    30. Go to an indoor bounce house
    31. Play with water table inside
    32. Create a snow volcano
    33. Make paper snowflakes
    34. Make stove top potporri
    35. Organize your pantry
    36. Go to an indoor bounce house
    37. Create a family winter scrapbook
    38. Create a winter book on your own
    39. Window paint
    40. Cookie decorating
    41. Make snow paint
    42. See a movie at the theater
    43. Have a date night by the fire
    44. Make homemade stock
    45. Host a game night
    46. Have appetizers for dinner
    47. Clean and organize closet(s)
    48. Have an indoor picnic
    49. Start a gratitude journal
    50. Have an all day pajama day
    51. Attend a hockey game
    52. Make homemade cider
    53. Go caroling
    54. Make snow cones
    55. Make big batches of cookies and deliver them to neighbors
    56. Read books about the winter time
    57. Have a winter crafts day
    58. Create a Spring bucket list
    59. Visit a neighboring town
    60. Make snowman crafts
    61. Make Jello in the snow
    62. Have an indoor campout
    63. Clean out your junk drawers
    64. Put a family puzzle together
    65. Have a family painting day

Free Bucket List Printable

Does this list look fun and like something your family would love to complete? Check out the free winter printable below. Have fun and send me your pictures to along the way as I would love to feature them on my social channels.

Download The Free Printable Here


winter bucket list

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  1. It is so hard to find this to do or stay motivated in the winter. The Winter blues are defiantly a real thing! I love this idea of having a Winter Bucket list to stay motivated and have fun! I think my favorites on the list are having a date night by the fire and going to swim at an indoor pool! Thank you for a great post!

  2. Oh gosh! I also dislike the winter. I’d rather be filled with florals and greenery and just LIFE! As wierd as that sounds. This list is awesome and super helpful though! Now if only we would get more snow since we’ve barely gotten much snow this winter season.

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