little spoon review

Little Spoon Review

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There are plenty of times during your child’s life that you’re going to be unsure of what the right decision is. In my blog post Homemade Baby Food In The Instant Pot, I wrote about how incredibly expensive baby food is, and that it’s really difficult to know which is the right type to buy. Even if you do figure what you’ll purchase, it’s hard to decipher labels and figure out what exactly is in each jar of food you’re serving to your kids. In short, store-bought baby food is problematic, and that’s way I usually elect to make my own.

While making your own baby food is a great option, sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy (for the cooking or the cleanup!). Maybe something comes up unexpectedly that prevents you from being able to make your own, or maybe you are traveling and can’t bring it with you. Maybe you just don’t want to make your own food, but still want to provide wholesome organic baby food for your child. That is where Little Spoon baby food delivery comes in!

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Baby Food Delivery Service

Little Spoon is a baby food subscription service, and they offer delicious baby food options, with minimal hassle or extra waste. With Little Spoon baby food delivery, you can have fresh, organic baby food delivered right to your doorstep.

I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Little Spoon. They make it so easy to choose exactly the texture and flavors that my kids like, and I know they’re getting healthy organic baby food free of the preservatives and heavy metals that can be found in store-bought jars of food.

Their meals are created using cold-pressure, not heat pasteurizations like other brands, meaning that the food your babies are eating retains more of its essential vitamins and nutrients. They really are the best organic baby food delivery service out there!

How Does Littlespoon Work?

Choosing your meal plan from Little Spoon is super simple. You may choose meals based on texture (from smooth to very textured), by health benefits (such as brain or bone health), or you may choose meals based on ingredients (such as apples, carrots, sweet potatoes or more).

little spoon review

If you’re unsure about what type of baby food is best for your family, you can even take a quiz to help determine your baby’s unique meal plan. Best of all, as your baby grows, Little Spoon will tailor your meal plan according to their Little Spoon “Blue Print”, which is a map of what their nutritional needs are as they grow. The Little Spoon staff is made up of nutritionists and pediatricians, so you can rest assured your little one is getting what they need.

If you’re worried about wasting money by purchasing baby food that your infant won’t like, you can even start with their simple single blend purees, and then branch out to more adventurous food blends as they grow.

Some blends have amazing add-ins like chia, oils, and hemp. They also offer vitamin Booster packets, specifically created with the vitamins and minerals your baby needs, and tailored to their current growth stage.

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Do They Have Preservatives?

I wrote in my blog post on making your own baby food Homemade Baby Food, about my worries that a banana on my counter will go bad in a days, but somehow banana baby food stays good for three years. How is that possibly good for growing baby tummies?

Evidently, I’m not the only one out there with this concern, because one of Little Spoon’s best features is that there are ZERO preservatives in their food. That doesn’t mean they’ll go bad immediately, though. Little Spoon food is good for up to 14 days in the fridge, and up to 48 hours after opening each individual package.

Heavy Metals & Baby Food: Here’s What You Need To Know (And How Little Spoon is Different)

How Are They Packaged?

Speaking of packages, Little Spoon offers BPA free containers (BPA has been shown to affect hormone production), and 100% of the packaging can be recycled when you’re done with it.

baby food delivery

Even better, the packages arrive with Little Spoon ice packs, so if I’m out running errands, I know the food is safe on my doorstep. The ice packs themselves are a great feature as well. They are completely reusable, or you can choose to recycle them. Simply snip a corner of the pack, drain the liquid in your sink (the material inside the ice pack is completely biodegradable), and recycle the pack itself.

How Much Does Little Spoon Cost?

Little Spoon is affordable, especially if you’re used to purchasing jars of organic baby food and pre-made blends from the store. Even if you’ve been making your own homemade baby food, Little Spoon is still very reasonable, especially when you factor in the amount of time and energy you’re saving!

If you purchase a meal plan that provides two meals a day, the Little Spoon price is around $45 each week (the exact cost depends on your location, but it usually works out to be about $2.95 per meal). For three meals a week, the cost is around $52 (meaning each meal is about $2.19).

I found that I often had enough left over to save the remainder of the meal in the fridge for later (you just need to use opened meals within 48 hours). You can also purchase individual meals for $4.99 if you’re looking to occasionally supplement your other meal options.

When is Little Spoon a Good Option?

Little Spoon’s meals are a good option anytime. If you know you’ve got a particularly stressful time coming up, you may choose to order three meals a day until you can get back to making your own food. Or, you could supplement your cooking with a few meals throughout the week for the days where you’re really busy.

Little Spoon also makes a great option for those who are on the go; simply pack a meal for your child’s daycare meal, or load up a cooler for an upcoming road trip. Each meal even includes a little spoon to make travel easy!

best baby food delivery service

Little Spoon can also make a great present, and the company makes it very easy to gift it by offering both gift boxes and gift cards for purchase. Consider Little Spoon for an upcoming baby shower, a Christmas present, or even Mother’s Day. L

ittle Spoon is more than just the gift of food, it’s also a way to give the gift of extra time when someone needs it most.

So, is Little Spoon Worth It?

You bet it is! No other service provides organic, reasonably priced baby food that is not only delicious, but free of preservatives, and jam-packed with important vitamins and nutrients.

Little Spoon makes it so easy to create a meal plan, and they’ll even help you choose based on what your baby’s current nutritional needs are.

Whether you’ve been buying baby food at the grocery store, or making yours at home, Little Spoon is the best baby food organic delivery services out there, and everything about the product (down to the packaging) is designed to be good for your kiddos and you. Click here to check out the latest menu and take a look around.

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