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Baby Hacks And Tips

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Motherhood is FANTASTIC. But let’s be serious for a minute, motherhood is also messy, hard and exhausting. You need things quick, and you need things done easier and smarter. What you really need are some good baby tips, tricks and hacks in your back pocket to save you time, money and your patience! 

Whether this is your first time at the parenting gig or you are a seasoned vet, having some helpful time saving/sanity saving tips can make all the difference in getting through the day and during baby’s first year!

What Is A Baby Hack?

A baby hack (mom hack/life hack) is designed to make life easier. Simple and easy solutions using everyday items or ideas that you may have not thought about before. Baby hacks are an easy way of implementing simple strategies to make your life much, much easier. 

I can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase mom hack or baby hack but I have been on a quest to find the BEST mom, life and baby hacks around. Who doesn’t want to do life easier, faster and smarter?  These baby tips and tricks are designed to make things easier to help you enjoy more time with your bundle of joy.

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The Best Baby Hacks & Tips

The best baby tips, trick, and hacks for getting through babies first year #babytipcs #babytricks #babyhacks #newmomhacks #newborn

Rubber-band on Baby Wipes

Rubberband around the baby wipes is a fantastic baby hack

How many times have you grabbed for ONE wipe and forty-million wipes came out with it? This baby hack is EASY. Place a secure rubberband next to the wipe opening and make sure that it is pretty snug (may have to wrap around at least twice depending on the size of the rubberband). Now when you pull for a wipe, only one should come out. 

Celery As A Natural Teething Remedy

Somewhere along the way someone passed on the most useful parenting knowledge I have ever received. When your baby is teething, place some celery into the freezer. Once completely frozen give this to your baby to gnaw on.

Although, not internet confirmed, the old wives tale is that the celery contains a “natural teething pain reliever” that helps to soothe the gums. OR it could just be that the frozen celery feels good. EITHER WAY, this is a baby hack you NEED in your life.

Sterilize Baby Bottles In Instant PotSterilize baby bottles in a pressure cooker to save time #sterilzebabybottles #babybottles #newborns

It is highly recommended that you thoroughly sterilize bottles, pacifiers and other plastic objects your baby will be putting in their mouth before use. Thanks to this fantastic hack, you no longer have to sit and wait around for boiling water.

Instead, sterilize your baby bottles right in the Instant Pot. SET IT AND FORGET IT! This baby hack will save you tons of time.

  • Place all the items into the pressure cooker
  • Place a cup of water on the bottom
  • Press manual- 2 mins,
  • Perform a natural release for about 5 minutes
  • DONE and ready for your baby to use

Pacifier Wipes

Ever bring a baby in public and they drop their favorite Paci or toy they have been chewing on, right on the floor? Nothing is grosser than the thought of them putting that germ-filled item back in their mouth! Fear not, this bay tip allows you to quickly sanitize and clean your child’s Paci in a hurry.

These pacifier wipes are food grade edible and do the trick when out in a restaurant with a baby who can’t stop flinging their pacifier out of their mouth. Another baby trick is to use breast pump wipes in a pinch, to wipe of the dirty object. These are perfect for wipping down toys, high chairs, and any public service your baby might be interested in sinking their teeth into.

Huge Bib To Prevent Mess

All in one bib shirt to wear for messy meals, fantastic baby hack

These all in one bib shirts are the perfect solution to spaghetti night or any other messy meal. These bib shirts will save you TONS of time on laundry. The bib covers the babies entire body, so spaghetti night can be enjoyed mess free! Simply toss the bib in the wash machine when you are done, or re-wipe and use again later in the day.

Zippity Zip For Transitioning From Swaddle

Swaddling your baby is crucial if you want them to sleep more than 15 minutes before their hands fling into their face. BUT just when you think you have the whole sleep thing down pat, and you are finally catching a few more Z’s, your baby will hit a new milestone…rolling over. Once your baby rolls, you can no longer place them in a swaddle as it is not safe. So now what?

Transition your baby to a Zippity Zip! A Zippity-Zip is LIKE a swaddle, except it your child can roll over completely in it. It gives the baby enough room to move their hands about so they won’t get stuck rolling over, however, it has enough tension, so they won’t be flinging their arms about. We used this with both our children till about 6 months.

Cooking Baby Food In Pressure Cooker

Cooking homemade baby food in the instant pot is a great baby tip and trick for the first year #babytips

Cooking baby food in the instant pot will save you so much time when cooking wholesome baby food, and also tons of dishes. Although the prep work of washing, and cutting is about the same, you can cook multiple veggies at once using your Instant Pot in under 10 minutes. Check out how here.

Travel Blackout Shades

Some children need their room to imitate a bat cave in order for them to sleep appropriately. According to the sleep consultant that we used, this is actually crucial for baby sleep! There is nothing worse than being away from home and already on an “off” baby schedule, and trying to get your child to sleep in a room that is BRIGHT.

These travel blackout curtains are light weight and travel well. The shade is very large and should cover most windows. We won’t leave home with out it.  Need more tips on baby and kid travel? Check out this post all about traveling with kids!

Tinfoil Over Windows When Traveling

Are you already on vacation and didn’t bring the travel blackout shades suggested above? No biggie, grab some heavy duty tinfoil and tape. The application is pretty easy- cover the windows in tinfoil and make sure that no light can shine through. Whenever you leave, you simply pull the tinfoil off the windows, easy peasy. This baby hack will hopefully get everyone a little more sleep when traveling.

Baby Food Delivery

Baby food delivery from Littlespoon Organics for the first year #babyfood #babyfooddelivery #babytips

Don’t have time to make your own baby food? Having baby food delivered is a great tip. Have nutritious organic wholesome baby food delivered right to your front door in no time.  Try Little Spoon Organics which will deliver to your front door fresh baby food in all sorts of amazing flavor profiles, designed specifically for your babies nutritional needs.  You can read my full review on Little Spoon here.

This baby hack will save you TONS of time and cleanup, and you can rest assured that you are giving you little babe wholesome and delicious baby food. The best part…You don’t need to leave your house to get any food, it comes straight to your front door!

Mesh Baby Feeders

Those early days of giving your baby a banana can be extra slippery and messy. Once your baby is learning how to feed themselves, place things like: bananas, fruit, harder pieces of sweet potatoes, apples, etc into a mesh feeders and allow your child to feed themselves. Pro tip: make sure to clean these right after use so they don’t get icky or impossible to clean.

The Most Amazing Baby Toothbrush

This toothbrush was seriously a GAME changer! It’s way more than I would have imagined spending on a baby toothbrush, but it is so easy to brush the little babes teeth. The head of the tooth brush has brissels that go all the way around, so even if they are chomping down on the brush, you are still able to swirl it around and brush away! I love buying these for friends and family, and they ALWAYS message me telling me how thankful they were to have them on hand.

Baby Onesie Hack

Baby Onesie Trick for saving space in babies closet #babytips #babyhacks #babytricks

This baby trick has been around for a long time, however, it’s a baby tip that more parents need to know about. If you are short on space or hangers, snap multiple onesies onto the long part of a hanger and save tons of space. You can easily put 4-5 onesies on the long end of the hanger in order to save space. 

Park By The Shopping Cart Stall

Some people try and search for the spot closest to the front of the store, mom’s always search for the spot closest to the shopping cart stall. It is the easiest transfer from from the car to the cart.

Baby Breeza Bottle Maker

Baby breeze formula maker is a fantastic baby hack for the first year #babyhack

Making a baby bottle just got 1 million times easier. Meet the Baby Breeza Bottle maker aka THE BEST INVENTION EVER. No more measuring out scoops and trying to pour them awkwardly into a baby bottle while  your baby is screaming their head off waiting to be fed. The Breeza is basically a coffee maker for baby bottles. You pre-program the machine based on the formula you are using, and then can dispense formula with just the push of a button. The Breeza also makes bottles at the perfect temperature, so you don’t have to worry about heating up a bottle. 

Formula Delivery

Having your formula delivered right to your front door is one of the best baby tricks there is! Don’t worry about ever running out again as the formula will come as needed, based on babies intake. Head on over and read about some of the best baby formulas on the market, and how to get them delivered (on a schedule) right to your front door.

What’s Your Favorite Baby Tip And Trick?

Have a baby hack other mothers need to know about? Let us know in the comments, so we can save moms even more time, money and patience!

The best baby hacks and tips and tricks for babies first year. Helpful ideas in motherhood #babytipcs #babytricks #babyadvice #newborn #momhacks #hacksforbaby #babyhacksparenting #newmoms

baby hacks

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  1. It looks like having an Instant Pot could have changed my baby days! But I didn’t get one until they were older. The baby wipe trick looks genius too! I still have wipes around so I’m going to try it.

  2. Wow there are so many helpful tips! My pressure cooker was my lifesaver when I was cooking food for my baby. I never thought to clean bottles in it though. Such a great idea! I’m pinning this post for the next time I have a baby! Great tips!

  3. Wish I had thought of the tinfoil last trip! Great idea!! Also the rubber band on the wipes—we stopped using the water wipes because it was so annoying to get them out!

    1. Yes!The tinfoil is easy to pack and usually readily available if you need a quick solution! And yes, the rubber band baby wipes trick is one of my favorites.

  4. These are all such good tips! This makes me want to get a pressure cooker before baby #3 is here! The rubber band around the wipes & celery teether are my fave – adding these to my bag of tricks next time around!

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