Easy ways to make food fun for kids. Transform sandwiches into food faces using a variety of items you already have.
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Make Food Fun For Kids

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Easy ideas to make food fun for kids. Draw on your food with edible food paint or transform food into a cute note to add into your child's lunchbox. Fun Ideas for making food more appealing to your toddler or picky eater #toddlermeals

If you had a choice between a whole grain muffin, and a donut which would you chose? I don’t know about you, but for me, I would always chose the donut. Sprinkles, decadent layers of flakey golden sugar laden goodness, all drizzled with vanilla frosting. Yep, my MIND will always chose the donut because it looks fun!

How to easily make food fun for your kids by adding a few things. Food paint and fun faces on the food will transform it into an edible art project your child will love.

Our bodies are naturally designed to WANT to chose colorful food. Consider fruit, it was created by design to appeal to our senses. The first caveman that tried a Kiwi must have been extremely hungry. Think about it, he had beautiful red apples, grapes, bold oranges, vibrant yellow bananas all within reach…and then there was the rugged brown kiwi. It had to be the last option, right? Can you imagine his surprise when he discovered that underneath that rough brown surface there was a vibrant delicious, sweet green fruit? Kiwi is the perfect example of not judging a food just by looking at it.

Easy things to do to enhance food for your toddlers and kids. Fun ways to have your children look at food differently and hopefully get them to try food. Great for toddlers and picky eaters, especially for toddler mealtime. #toddlerfood #toddler #toddlermeals #pickyeaters

Our kids are the SAME way, except everything to them is that brown KIWI. Sometimes we just need to dangle shiny objects in front of them, so they can discover the deliciousness that lies underneath. 

Make Food Fun For Kids

As a parent we are responsible for setting our kid’s eating habits up for success by providing nutritious meals. Ok, so how do I convince my kid that they want an orange every morning instead of the donut? Make food fun!

These are tricks and tips you can keep in your back pocket, in order to make food food fun for your toddler or preschool aged child. *FULL DISCLOSURE I AM NOT AN ARTIST NOR DO I PRETEND TO PLAY ONE ON TV

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Five Easy Ways to Make Food Fun For Kids

Easy ways to make food fun and possibly more likable for toddlers and kids. Fun ways to draw on your food and make food faces. #toddlermeal #food

1. Make Fun Food Faces

Easy ideas to make food fun for your toddler or picky eater. Add food faces using fruit or food paint.

If you start looking at food differently, your food will start looking back at you! Have fun with your food and create fun food faces. Did you know that almost all fruit and vegtables can be converted into faces? Carrot hair, tomato eyes, pieces of lunch meat for the face.

Set up an assembly line and ask your kids to help make a face. What would make a good nose? What should we add for the eyes? Asking them to help make the food, will make them more likely to at least try it. Easy ways to make food fun for kids. Transform sandwiches into food faces using a variety of items you already have.

I can bet that your child will be more likely to try a cucumber if it’s a monster “eye”, rather than simply slapped on their plate.  Ok so maybe, your child will pick off the “carrot hair” and head straight for the bread but at least they may consider eating the food that Is being offered to them. 

Fun food for toddlers. Drawing on pancakes with organic food paint to create a smiley face

Transform pancakes into a fun food face. Use fruit for the nose and eyes and then use food paint (see #2) and draw on a mouth.

2. Use Edible Food Paint

Organic food paint that you can add to any meal. Dye free, and made with all organic ingredients. These are a fun way to elevate your food.

Your toddler’s favorite new way to transform their food, will quickly become edible food paint. Create masterpieces on top of your whole grain peanut butter toast, oatmeal, sandwhiches, bagels or whatever it is your child is into these days. Ok, masterpieces is far fetched but it’s simple to draw something you and your child will love. Food paint is a squeezable jelly-like paint that you can put right onto your food.

The best part is this food paint is 100% organic, dye free, low in sugar and tastes really delicious. My daughter even loves this on top of her hummus (not my favorite flavor mashup, but SHE ASKED FOR HUMMUS)

Need another reason to love food paint? We also use them as finger paint. Grab a piece of paper and let your kiddos go wild painting with their fingers (or paint brush) and if they have a lick, NO WORRIES because its edible (I actually encourage a taste here and there).

Food paint can also easily be added to something to naturally “dye” or change color to a specific food. This would be perfect to add to food during Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day.

3. Add Edible Eyes To Your Food

Add marshmallow eyes to your child's food to make it fun and interesting. Fun idea for your toddlers or even picky eaters. Fun lunch box idea #toddlerfood #food

Did you know that if food has eyes, your kid is 99% more likely to eat it? Ok, that fact is completely made up but when I added marshmallow eyes to oranges recently, the appeal factor went up ten fold.

Buy baby marshmallows and cut them in half (the backs will now stick to the fruit) and use an edible marker (yep, that’s a REAL thing, more about that in #4) and dot some eye balls onto the marshmallows. Now just stick them on to whatever food you are hoping your toddler will eat. At the end of the day if you have a picky toddler who won’t eat anything, if they at least eat the eyes, I’d call it a win.

4. Draw On Your Food With Edible Pens

Edible Pens are going to become your favorite way to transform food. These delicious pens can write on many different surfaces, including fruits, vegetables, cookies, crackers, and more. I first used these when I started making edible eyes (see #3), but then realized that they wrote on so many different surfaces. They are cheap AND completely edible.

Edible food pen makes writing on food easy and fun. A fun way to play games with food and get picky eaters to think about food differently.

Draw a cute picture or fun note on your child’s food. Turn crackers into the alphabet and work on letter recognition during snack time.

Jazz up your child’s lunch box meal by writing on a banana, orange or apple with a quick note that says, “I love you” or “good luck.” You can even play games on your food by drawing a fun tick-tack-toe board or word game with your child. Edible pens are a fun way to look and think about food differently.

What Do You Do To Keep Food Fun?

We want to hear from you! What are your tips and ticks to keep food fun for your children? Let us know in the comments. If you have a fun food creation you want to share with Normal Life Mom let us know at admin@normallifemom.com for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

Make for fun for kids by adding a few fun things to their food to make it more appealing. This is perfect for a picky eater or a toddler who is stuck in a rut. Use edible food paint to transform your child's food into fun edible art projects.


Easy ways to make food fun for kids by adding edible markers or edible paint to their food. Transform their food into something they will be interested to try! #toddlerfood #toddlermeals #pickyeaters

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  1. I now need edible paint and an edible pen stat! I’m lucky my kiddos are great eaters, but those 2 items alone would step up my food game BIG TIME! Love this post! ❤

  2. Oh my goodness, these ideas are SO COOL! I added these edible paints and edible pens to my Amazon cart before I even finished reading this. I am so excited for them to arrive and start playing with them together with my kids!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Your kiddos will love these (and so will you) snap a picture of your masterpieces, I would love to see what you come up with.

  3. These ideas are all so good!! I want to eat all of these foods because everything looks so fun to eat! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try them with my family!

  4. Great ideas! My 1 year old already pushes some food away before even trying it. We insist she tries a “no thank you bite” and she often surprises herself in liking it, but these tips will be great for when I’m pulling my hair out trying to get her to eat what’s for dinner.

  5. I can’t get over how cute these are! haha My husband likes to try to make special pancakes. My kids always ask for Paw Patrol pancakes. He’s actually getting pretty good at it! My son would love all of these cute ideas!

  6. I love these amazing tips!! My daughter has recently entered a “I want to throw all of my food on the floor phase” and I think these tips will totally help us move out of that phase quickly! Thank you!!

  7. Oh my goodness! How fun is this? I’ve never seen that edible pen or food paint before, but it looks like you can do so many cool things with them! I agree that kids are WAY more likely to get excited about food when it’s presented in a fun way!

  8. This is a great post! I LOVE the idea of setting up and assembly line and having your kids help decorate it! I didn’t even know edible pens and paint were a thing! I need to try this out!! Thanks for this info!!!

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