rainbow activity for preschoolers

Rainbow Activity

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Pouch caps are beautiful. Ok, that’s not probably what everyone thinks of when they think of pouch caps, but boy oh boy are they colorful and offer so many amazing uses outside of being, a lid for baby food.  I love to use pouch caps as a play-based-learning medium because they have a variety of color to look at. What better way to display and play with them, than by creating a beautiful rainbow activity using some learning elements.

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My daughter has been obsessed with rainbows. She loves asking strangers now, “What’s your favorite color of the rainbow?” and “Do you know that the colors make up ROY-G-BIV?”

When the glass hits the window the right way and creates a rainbow on the ground she jumps up and down and exclaims how MAGICAL it is. 

I noticed that she was finding different objects from around the house and lining them up in ROY-G-BIV order! So I thought creating a rainbow using pouch caps would be a great way to play and learn.

rainbow activity

Pouch Caps For Play

If you have been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I started collecting baby food pouch caps when my son was a baby and eating pouches like it was his job. I hated recycling them or throwing them out, so I started saving them and using them for all different kinds of activities.

Soon friends started saving theirs and giving them to me so we could use them (now they hoard them because they know how much fun they are). 

This pouch cap sensory activity was one of the first things we did with the pouch caps. We STILL pull them out and play with them like this often.

Last summer my daughter created her own beautiful necklaces using the pouch caps. The possibilities of play and the pouch caps are endless.

Rainbow Activity 

Since we have collected a plethora of pouch caps, and they are so beautiful and come in so many different colors, I decided to mesh my daughter’s love with rainbows for my love of pouch caps.

On a large piece of butcher block paper, I traced the elements needed to create a rainbow in pencil. Make sure to use a pouch cap to determine how big the stripes should be.

Then ask your child  to pull out all of the crayons that make up the rainbow, or just discuss which colors need to go where.

Next, have your child use the crayon to trace over your pencil marks.

rainbow drawing

Then, fill each rainbow swatch with the correct color of pouch caps. Talk about each strand of the rainbow with questions like:

  • Do you think there will be more or less orange than red?
  • How many red do you think it will take to fill in the rainbow?

butcher block paper for playroom

rainbow activities

We didn’t have enough orange to fill in the rainbow, so we used pink which blended in well!

rainbow craft

Once the rainbow was complete we used cotton balls to fill in the clouds at the end of the rainbow.

Then on a separate piece of paper, have your child write down the name of the color and how many pouch caps it took to fill in the rainbow.

rainbow activity

Colorful Results

My daughter was so delighted that she asked to FaceTime her grandma so she could tell her how many of each pouch caps made up the rainbow, and also how to spell each color. This was an easy and fun activity to talk about rainbows, work on fine motor skills, counting, writing, and so much more!


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