Whole 30(ish) Week 3

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Whole 30

Week #3 And Still Going Strong..

I had a BIG cheat last week but got right back on track for week #3. This week I am not second guessing myself as much and feel like finding the foods I can eat is becoming more of a habit than a hinderance.

Breakfast is still my biggest pain point. It’s hard to find something that is quick, easy AND also filling. Gone are the days of grabbing a bagel, granola bar or avocado toast. Luckily, I love fruit and so does my daughter so I “prep” it the night before and can easily eat right out of the container the next morning.

I’ve still been able to make my family their favorites while modifying my dinner on the side. One night we had spaghetti and I made zoodles instead of standard spaghetti noodles. Another night the rest of the family enjoyed pork tacos while I skipped the shell and enjoyed the meat on top of a beautiful bed of lettuce.

The Scale…

Since I am deviating slightly from the traditional Whole 30 plan (read about my version here) I am weighing myself every Monday. Proud to say that the scale has now moved 7.6 lbs. I feel great and someone even asked if I have been losing weight.

Week #3 Food Diary….

September 24th

  • Breakfast- Fresh strawberries and blackberries and a larabar
  • Lunch- Aidels Chicken patty with no bun, a peach and steamed green beans
  • Dinner- Skinnytaste Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken *This is not a Whole 30 approved recipe as it contains both corn and beans. However, In my version of Whole 30 I am allowing beans and corn.

September 25th

  • Breakfast- Fresh cantaloupe
  • Lunch- Sante Fe Chicken leftovers
  • Dinner- Pork carnitas with no shell and baked plantains and sweet potato mash

September 26th

  • Breakfast- Mango and Banana
  • Lunch- Chicken Salad Salad (Chicken, cilantro, red onion, and mashed avocado) with fresh cherry tomatoes on top. Also, an apple on the side.
  • Dinner- Stir fry minus the rice and sauce, so essentially steamed veggies and chicken on a bed of cauliflower rice.

September 27th

  • Breakfast- Blackberries, Strawberry and Blueberry fruit salad
  • Lunch- Leftover Stir Fry from last nights’ dinner
  • Dinner- Panera Cobb Salad with no dressing

September 28th

  • Breakfast- Banana and a Larabar
  • Lunch- Leftover chicken salad, salad
  • Dinner- Cobb salad with no cheese and Primal kitchen Italian dressing

September 29th

  • Breakfast- Cantaloupe
  • Lunch- Cauliflower “pizza” with no cheese, fresh homemade pizza sauce and veggies
  • “Spaghetti” using a Whole 30 approved sauce, sweet zuchinni noodles and ground beef

zucinni noodles

September 30

  • Breakfast- Sweet potato hash and Whole 30 approved bacon
  • Lunch- Aidells chicken meatballs with a fresh kale salad.
  • Dinner- Whole 30 approved crockpot Chili


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