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Whole 30(ish) Week 1

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Whole 30

I Jumped on the Whole 30 bandwagon (kind of)…

The baby weight just does not seem to be falling off the way it did with baby #1 so I wanted to try something different to see if it made a difference at all on the scale. Also, chasing around two kiddos all day is draining and I have heard such good things about getting energy levels up after people have done a Whole 30 reset. I knew I couldn’t commit to ALL of the rules of the Whole 30 so I am doing a  my version of the Whole 30 diet/reset/detox.

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What I learned the First Week…..

Never realized how much of my goto breakfasts revolve around bread.  Quick breakfasts typically include english muffins with cashew butter, a whole grain bagel with mashed avocado or peanut butter. It is really hard coming up with breakfast ideas that are easy to make and also whole food(ish) compliant. The first week I concentrated on eating fruit for breakfast while I scoured Pinterest for some good breakfast ideas. The biggest problems is most of the Whole 30 breakfast ideas revolve around eating eggs and my daughter is severely allergic so we don’t keep any in the house.

Snacking is hard too! Midday I find myself needing a snack and my body wants crackers or chips or pretzels. I barely snacked in week one and I absolutely suffered as a result. I found myself really, really hungry come dinner. If anyone knows me I can easily become a Hangry person, so I need to make sure in the coming weeks my fridge and pantry are stocked with lots of Healthy options.

Also, you really need to plan ahead. I had a great game plan but life happened, including coming down with the stomach flu (or is this my bodies way of already revolting against the change?!?) I also found I didn’t have enough compliant meals sitting in the deep freeze or readily available when I needed a quick snack. The “diet” is absolutely about planning ahead and making meals “homemade”

The Scale…

In The traditional Whole 30 you are not supposed to weigh yourself until you have completed the full 30 days. I’m in a weight loss accountability group and the only real rule of that group is to post your weekly weigh ins. So week one- I am down 2.5 lbs. Not bad for not much preparation and no additional exercise.

Diary of the First Week…

September 10th

  • Whole 30 Detox SoupBreakfast-Smoothie- I used So Delicious unsweetened coconut yogurt, unsweetened organic almond milk, fresh organic kale, handful of organic strawberries a frozen banana, flax and chia seeds
  • Lunch- Instant Pot Tomato Turmeric Detox Soup from Jennifer Robbins Affordable Paleo Cooking With your Instant Pot (pictured). I topped it with some dried Fava beans with gave it an awesome crunch or feeling of a crouton.
  • Dinner-Tomatillo Pork in the Instant Pot also from the Affordable Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot Cookbook

September 11th-

  • SICK- I came down with a bad case of the stomach flu (is my body already revolting against this lifestyle change!??) I had water and some General Mills crackers to try and keep something in my tummy.

September 12th

  • Breakfast- Larabar Fruits & Greens Bar
  • Lunch- Panera Green Godess Cob Salad with chicken. I used my own primal kitchen dressing
  • Dinner- Compliant coconut wrap with Chicken (marinated in Primal Kitchen Italian Dressing) Lettuce, Tomatoes and avocado spread (pictured). Also, some steamed carrots on the side and some Beanitos chips. Not sure that the chips are compliant(in my version because they absolutely aren’t in the standard Whole 30 plan) as they contain long grain brown rice so tread lightly if you truly are following the “Whole 30” diet or my version.

September 13th

  • Breakfast- Apple and a Pear + Coffee and French Vanilla Nutpods creamer
  • Lunch- Homemade quinoa, chicken and sweet potato bowl.
  • Dinner-  Chipotle burrito bowl (Chicken, lettuce, pico, corn, guacamole) + guacamole and Beanito chips

September 14th

  • Breakfast-Coffee + nut pods creamer + Apple, Larabar and Banana
  • Lunch-Rotisserie Chicken, Strawberries and fresh pressed kale chips
  • Dinner- Rotissere chicken, broccoli and roasted red potatoes (again red potatoes aren’t compliant)

September 15

  • Breakfast- Coffee + Nutpods creamer, Larabar & an apple
  • Lunch- Roasted chicken and Beanitos
  • Dinner- Pulled pork, broccoli on the grill and potatoes

September 16

  • Coffee with Nutpods French Vanilla creamer and fresh canteloupe
  • Lunch- Leftover pulled pork and broccoli
  • Dinner- Fresh bruschetta (without the bread) compliant meatballs and two pieces of sausage


Three sips of beer (it was a longggg week). Also, realized I am eating some chips that contain brown rice (Beanitos) but I don’t think I will give them up-so I need to bend the rules again. I also had red roasted potatoes and that is against the “rules” I’ll try better next week.

Things to Do Better Next Week..

  • Plan Ahead & Meal Prep (and actually follow through with meal plan)
  • Eat More
  • Stock the house with compliant snacks (and snack more)

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